Sometime last year, after I had started conversing more often with my online acquaintance whom I met on a Roleplaying site, I was introduced to the world of MOBA.

MOBA stands for Multiple Online Battle Arena. The game I play is known as LoL (League of Legends).

It’s a type of game where you work in a team and try to defeat the enemy team by completing the objective of capturing the enemy base. To do so, you must first destroy the towers that are in your path whilst at the same time you have to protect your own towers so that the enemy doesn’t destroy your base first.

So there is a lot of running back and forth in this game. One minute you’re attacking and then next you’re defending. Without going into more detail I’ll just say, it can be a very intense game if you’re the competitive type.

League of Legends Guide

So I started out learning this game through Tai, the friend I mentioned before. He and his mates would make up of the other members of the team. One would play in the ‘top lane’; one would lead the ‘middle lane’ whilst a third roamed the jungles as the ‘jungler’. The two of us (Tai and I) would be left with the ‘bot-lane’. This is the lane where two members occupy the same lane rather than one. This is the ‘meta’ composition. Tai took on the role of ADC (Attack Damage Carry), also known as the Marksman.

My role was that of a support. It was my job to help my marksman win the lane against the opposing teams support and marksman. Tai chose for me a fairly easy champion to play named Sona. Did I mention there are over a hundred champions to pick from, each with classes and stats that would suit the different roles of play.

league oflegends season 5


I think I need to make another post explaining what League of Legends is to a total ‘noob’.

For those of you who are completely oblivious to the world of gaming, a noob is used to describe someone who is an amateur or completely new to a game. It’s often used as a derogatory term to mock those who are absolutely useless not very good.


Initially I too was a noob and I made several mistakes on a daily basis. I say daily but Tai would probably say several times a minute and the daily mistakes are still happening to this day, a whole year later. To Tai I might still be a noob but I think I’ve come a long way since.

You can follow my journey as I try and achieve greatness in the perhaps the most popular game in the world today. Everybody is an equal in this game. It relies on skill above all else. Those with money may be able to buy better skins for their champions but when it comes to playing the actual game, everybody is on an equal playing field; you cannot buy your way into becoming the best.

I’ll be writing a post following this to summarize my first year of playing the game before I start the second. This season starts today, 21st of January 2015 and is the 5th Season of the League; the year I shall become a Legend!