It all started with a desire to play this free-to-play online game everybody seemed to be addicted to. Now I didn’t want to get addicted but the thought of playing online as part of a team got to me and I decided to download the bloody thing.

Part of me regrets this decision.

For so long I resisted, knowing my life was too hectic to let League of Legends to become a part of it, but eventually the curiosity got to me. I wanted to know what made this game so special.

The first champion I began to play with was SONA. She is basically a league of legends support character. She is a symphony playing beauty that can heal both allies and stun opponents through her music. She is fairly easy to play but difficult to master. She is what is known as a squishy champion as she is fairly easy to kill so I had to learn how to protect myself whilst at the same time prove useful to my team. Sona had a good initiate for team-fights which was based on a skill-shot. This I still have trouble with to this day but I don’t miss as often as I did back then… 95% of the time.


Initially I failed miserably with her on many occasions. Tai, my tutor had to be very patient with me as he taught me the game. Eventually I got the hang of Sona to a basic extent but still required his expertise when it came to buying items from the shop and learning her build.

Sona was free to play at the start but soon required purchasing. I had earned enough IP (currency for the game) to buy my first champion. Through the advice of Tai, my first purchase was: SORAKA.

I enjoyed playing with Soraka for a while but it didn’t really catch on. She too was played mainly in the support role and for me she was too similar to Sona. I got bored of her play style very quickly and soon I transferred my interest to TARIC.

Taric hot league of legends

Now Taric was a tanky support. He could take the pain although he couldn’t really do much damage from a distance. Both Sona and Soraka were ranged champions whereas Taric was mêlée. With Taric, I felt like a bodyguard. I just stayed close to my bot-lane partner and protected him as much as I could.

I had started playing with summoners other than Tai now. This was usually one of his teammates in his group of friends. I got to know them eventually and they were all far better than me so I got to learn something from each of them.

It was with Taric that I truly learnt how to support and I often lead my lane to victory through my disciplined play.


At this point, I had purchased both Taric and Sona so my team consisted of three champions. It was only after I had become familiar with the support role and I could play without training wheels did I move on to the mid-lane. This I shall talk about in ‘The Prequel II: Katarina’ which shall be posted same time next week.