The feels in this chapter were incredible. I just cannot describe the emotions running inside my heart, body and soul right now. Oda-San knows how to make you fall in love with characters. A few weeks ago it was Baby-5. A few months ago, it was Corazon. Today, it is Senor Pink.


I had always found his outfit weird and considering how smart he was in the flashbacks, it didn’t make sense how someone so stylish could become such a freak. Yet he remained hard-boiled non-the-less; perhaps more so than he had ever been before.

Senor Pink also has a story, a story he tries to keep locked inside his heart but all is revealed during his incredible fight with Franky.


Now this fight was something different. The two of them fought bravely like men and showed no fear. This was a match of endurance. It was a romantic fight between two macho men. Senor Pink carried out the same suplex move over and over again and Franky didn’t dodge. He accepted it like a man. Likewise, Senor Pink also took Franky’s hammer punches without hesitation.

Franky decided it was time to end this and Senor Pink agreed. Senor would throw his most powerful attack at Franky and if he were to survive it, he would concede defeat. The Donquixote Executive swam all the way to the top of a building and into the air once he had run out of path to climb. He aimed for the heavens, crying out for Lucy-Anne and his dead son.
You see, his past is tragic and it started with a lie. He lied to the woman he loved and didn’t tell her the truth about his pirating ways. His son died out of illness and his wife became a vegetable because of him. She only responded with a smile when he dressed up as their dead child and due that, this man… This amazingly awesome man… started wearing the attire of his baby, getting rid of his stylish ways. Just to make his wife smile. Just to get a response from the woman he loves.

He threw away his dignity and respect, he threw away his reputation… He stopped caring about what people thought or said… All he cared about was that smile.

The feels man! Right in the feels! That is the kind of love every man should have for his wife.

Despite her no longer being with him, he continues to live in the past. He continues to dress like the child that he lost, hoping to please his dead wife. He climbs to the sky, just to get close to the heavens. If only he had the option to save her back then.

The reason why this chapter is so touching, the reason why it hits home more than Law’s backstory… is because it is something that can happen to any of us. It is a realistic situation and you can sympathise with this man. With Law, it goes beyond anything we can imagine, losing your whole life to a disease caused by the government… but the loss of a child and wife we can all relate to, considering the readers of the manga are now in their early adult life. Oda is just too frickin good.


Franky ultimately defeated the man but his words about not accepting a drink being the same as not accepting a punch were quite beautiful in a macho way. They found a respect for one another after that fight and I think will forever share a bond from this.

The only other significant part of this chapter was finding out Man-Sherry’s Devil Fruit has the ability to restore things at the expense of shortening the life-span of the user. With this, Jora plans to restore the Smile Factory.

I find Man-Sherry and Leo’s romance really cute. Apparently she is only mean to him and he finds her to be annoying but it’s because she loves him that she acts so strange around him. Totally Tsundere