So just like last year, I have decided to analyse the new Game of Thrones trailer for Season Five. There is a lot going on and I’ve broken it down to each little glimpse. I skipped a few that I didn’t find important but this is a detailed analysis based on my thoughts and opinions.

Now I haven’t read the books so a lot of this will be speculation and hearsay. I don’t think there are many if any spoilers in here considering I try to stay away from them as much as possible. Most of the information in this analysis will be information available to the public based on the show and not the books.

I will go through each scene and write my reaction and try putting everything into perspective as to what may be truly going on.


So we start off with Tywin’s body resting in the great hall, with the two siblings watching over it, much like when Geoffrey died. I hope it doesn’t go down the same route this time. Although Jaime is looking very worried and upset by this. He was always the good son at heart I guess. Can’t help but miss his dad, despite how much of a prick the guy was.

He must realise the Lannister house is pretty much dead now that Tywin is dead. I wonder how he will react when he realises Tyrion killed him. I don’t think he’ll hold anything against Tyrion for it, considering he knows exactly what Tywin made the poor imp go through.


It looks like the remaining wildings learn of Mance Rayder’s death. How are this lot going to react? Apparently Mance had united the different tribes as they were bickering amongst themselves prior to this.


It seems like Jaime is going to continue his lessons with Bronn. This should be interesting to watch. Bronn is an awesome character and I hope he develops as good chemistry with Jaime as he did with Tyrion.

We see some people wearing Golden Masks. It seems like they’re a part of an underground movement; perhaps a secret organisation. That is the vibe I’m getting. The masks remind me of an ancient version of the Guy Fawkes/V for Vendetta Mask. I wonder what their purpose is and who they’re working for.

Little-Finger is still playing his game, now using poor little Sansa as a pawn. He wants her to avenge the deaths of someone. Most likely her family I guess. He plans to give her justice. How ironic considering it’s his fault her father died and her family got dragged into this whole mess in the first place.

Now we get onto the good part. My boy Oberyn might have died but the dude was a player… everybody knew that. And Cersei’s daughter was sent to live with his family. He said she was playing with ‘his’ daughters. He has 8 daughters apparently; The Sand Snakes. And I we see one of them whip some barrel off a man’s head that seems to buried in the sand up to his neck. I guess they’re going to have a part to play in this season. I can’t forget the face his girlfriend makes when he dies. I’m pretty sure she wants revenge.


Then things suddenly get a little dark and creepy, as it often is with Game of Thrones. We see a woman run a blade through her finger to release some blood. Now I got a glimpse of her, she’s blonde but I don’t recognize her. She might be a new character and from what I gather, she reminds me of the Red Witch; Melisandre. I guess it’s the whole ritual thing she seems to be doing; worshipping the Lord of Light perhaps.

And we’re having another wedding.

Oh boy, not another wedding. I wonder who dies this time…

I am a huge fan of Margaery, even if she’s getting married to a little boy but her dream of being a queen can’t end so quick now can they? She was willing to be with a gay guy and even a psycho-maniac. Considering that, a kid might not actually be that bad considering he’ll grow up to be a man whom she can actually love.


We see the wildings looking as mean as ever and a man is standing in the middle wearing a mask. Is he the new leader? Is the quest to leave the North still on? I don’t see why they would stop considering what we know is coming… WINTER!

Tyrion and Varys are having an awesome convo that works its way through-out the trailer. Now the rest I mention as I see it but this, I reckon, needs to be told in one go considering it is actually just the one scene.

Tyrion is looking rough with his shaggy beard and tired look. It’s clear he’s had enough with life but Varys being the man… I mean eunuch he is, he’s not willing to let things slide so easily. He wants Tyrion to play an active part in this.

“The seven kingdoms needs a ruler loved by millions, with a powerful army and the right family name.”

The Imp has made it clear, he wants no part of sitting on that throne but the Lord of Whisperers claims he can help someone awesome take the throne.

Is he? Is he hinting at Danaerys? We know he had spies amongst her people and has been keeping an eye out on her ever since they met up with Drogo, perhaps even before; our poor lad Ser Frendzone being one of them.

So are the two of them going to help Khaleesi rule the world? Perhaps Varys had always been loyal to the Targaryeans.

So last we saw, the Night Watch was with Stannis considering he saved their asses. So how is this going to work out? Melisandre is still there. What is she planning? I do not trust that evil woman.

And speaking of evil women, Cersei Lannister seems to be smiling about something. Her father is dead, her son is dead… She has no reason to smile, unless she is also planning something…

Considering this isn’t set in modern times, we can’t a have a car-chase scene but I think we might be having a horse chase scene instead. I saw a possible blonde knight on a horse being chased on a horse by other men. Now at first glance, I immediately thought Jaime but then realised, it was most likely Brienne of Tarth considering it would be easy to mistake her for a man in a glimpse.

I wonder who’s chasing her and poor little Podrick?

Jon Snow is looking badass as ever. I think he’s going to lead the all-out war against the wildings. Clearly they’re not dead and he’s taking command of the Night’s Watch.

Next we witness two girls walking hand-in-hand in a fantasy setting of trees and shrubs. We only get to see their backs with their faces hidden. It reminded me of Sansa and Margaery but it clearly can’t be them. If not, then who? Must be significant if it’s been included in the trailer.

Danaerys is planning to break some wheel? What wheel is this and why is she so hell-bent on breaking it?

We see her not-so-beloved Ser Friendzone aka Jorah Mormont having to battle inside a gladiator arena. The poor lad… got so deep into the friend-zone that he had no way of getting out without breaking that friendship.

Now this I found very interesting. Cersei receives a message in the form of a box. This cool looking box opens up to reveal a viper with Oberyn’s chain hanging in its jaw. That’s a threat. That is definitely a threat. Oh boy! Things are going to get interesting as hell now.

However it seems Cersei still only thinks of her ‘evil’ little brother whom she wants dead. Will she stop going on about that? I’m sure Jaime has had enough. I’d turn around and place some tape over her mouth so she would stop playing like a broken record.

That’s what happens when you fuck your sister Jaime.

From one bitch to another, the Red Woman is standing over a funeral process at the Nights Watch but is it actually a funeral or another one of her sacrifices to the God of Light?

And the Night’s Watch seem to be going for ‘Round 2’ with the Wildings. Will this pointless fight ever end? You need to team up guys; the white-walkers are coming. WINTER IS COMING!

Jaime is looking quite slick in his Oberyn Martell Cosplay. Wait, it can’t be a cosplay? Is he in the Martell Kingdom? Don’t tell me he has got himself caught again. Who’s going to rescue him this time?

We see a hot-girl in pigtails. From the looks of it a new character. Perhaps its one of Oberyn’s daughters. She does have a sexy snakey look about her.

We even get a glimpse of Theo- I mean Reek.

There is a skirmish in the desert and it seems to me Jaime is knocked down by a horse-riding, masked person and Bronn comes in for the rescue.

We see a bunch of black-robed monks coming down a stairway. They start breaking barrels of what I’m presuming is liquor? Who the hell are they? Are they even monks? Look more like vigilante thugs now.

Arya has walked up to a big door with one half black and one half white. Who do you think lives in there? Cruella DeVille maybe? Well atleast she has her needle but Arya looks weird in a dress to me. She should continue with her boy act. Suits her better.

We get to see our favourite dragon. Well the only one that remains considering the other two are locked away. I wonder what damage it will do.

Greyworm seems to be getting lucky with Messandei. Unfortunate he can’t accomplish much but he does have a bruise on his cheek I noticed. Must have got hurt somewhere in a battle I reckon. Or is he dead? Don’t tell me he’s dead!

And we just can’t get enough of Mellisandre. The Red Woman is stripping off again. I wonder who its for this time? Not another ritual I hope.

Oberyn’s lady love is looking ferocious standing before what I presume are guards with blades. She is one ferocious woman I think.

Remember I mentioned the Golden Masked crew. Well they’re going crazy and they’ve somehow got Khaleesi and her crew surrounded in the arena where Ser Friendzone was fighting. Well he’s with them now, trying to protect Danaerys, along with Dario Niharis and a few guards. Things do not look good for the mother of dragons.

There is a quote we hear in the background that sent chills down my spine and I think its related to Khaleesi’s kingdom toppling.

“Strip away the gold… Knock down the statues… This is what remains…”

And we see the statue of Mereen fall. Is this the end of Khaleesi’s reign?