With our very own Unlimited-Resolve (Tai) deciding to start work on his diet again with a new plan, I have decided it’s time I compete with him in a weight competition.

(This is not a competition about who can lift the heaviest weights or Haunting Lime would have gone Hulk on me and started bench-pressing both me and Tai at the same time. This is about losing weight.)

Yes, that is correct. I, Desperado of the Sleeping Geeks shall challenge U.R. to a deathmatch winner-takes-all Weight-Loss competition. I will work on my own diet-plan alongside Unlimited-Resolve and posts my results on a weekly basis.



I shall acheive this by simply increasing my mobility, improving my diet and working on my metabolism. I’m not going to lounge around in my bed all-day watching stuff on my laptop and simply be slightly more active. At the same time, I shall be calorie counting my way to a lighter me. By having many small meals through-out the day, adding herbal metabolising extracts to my tea and increasing my intake of water I shall succeed in this task and defeat the one with Unlimited-Resolve.

I’m not sure how you ultimately win against a guy who will never give up but I shall try. Let’s see who reaches their target goal first and be crowned the Sleeping Geek Weight-Loss Champion.

If anybody else wants to compete alongside us and post their weekly updates in the comments section, feel-free to do so. A healthy competition always helps in circumstances where resolve becomes an issue. Perhaps we can borrow some from the guy who has an unlimited supply.

Having said that, let’s get this challenge rolling. May the biggest loser win.

(Hint: If you ever go over your calorie limit, just eat tons of celery. It contains minus calories and can bring you back into the positives.)