ONE PIECE 795 Review

The Beast Revealed; The Forgotten Return



Let me just say, I was planning to review this week’s One Piece regardless of what was printed. I had not expected much. I certainly hadn’t expected this. I guess it was just meant to be… BUT WHAT A CHAPTER!

So much happening… So much to talk about… Where should I start?

First things first… THEY’RE BACK! The missing members of the Straw-Hats… The one’s everyone almost forgot about; Nami, Brook, Chopper and SANJI! My boy Sanji is back! And he’s still kicking ass and keeping the ‘B-Team’ safe or as Oda named it, the Curly Team.



There is a whole new plot going on right with the dealings with Big Mom cut out. It seems they escaped the Yonkou’s clutches but it’s not explained how. But there was something about a certain someone helping them and they’re trying to find HER. I wonder what importance they have in all of this. Also, the little brat Momonosuke is with them all this time, probably fondling our beloved Nami the whole while. No wonder Sanji looks so pissed off.

Caesar is also with them and he’s the one with the biggest problem it seems as he claims they barely escaped with their lives escaping The Big Mom Pirates. And now they’ve got themselves in another mess.

The banter between Caesar and Sanji was class and I think I will enjoy every moment of it. Even Chopper was getting pissed off with the Clown. Probably because of the experiments he conducted on the children.



However, the greatest thing about this chapter had to be the Suicide. I mean that is what the title is called and it actually involves the ‘Pirate Alliance’ formed by Kidd, Hawkins and Apoo. It all happens all of a sudden when an earthquake hits, or what seems like an earthquake and for a moment, it seems like they’re under attack.

The situation is actually a strange one as a huge man has just fallen out of the sky. This man is shown trying to commit suicide from a-top a Sky Island. What-A-Badass! Urouge, one of our Supernova friend even witnesses this and someone mentions how this suicidal man has tasted defeat seven times and been captured 18 times. He has experienced torture an uncountable amount of times apparently and he just wants to die.

 Unfortunately, even after falling from the frickin’ sky, he crash lands safe and sound. He is the man who cannot die… also known as HUNDRED BEAST KAIDO! The final Yonkou to be revealed!

OMG! What a reveal that was. All of a sudden… Out of nowhere… WE HAVE THE EMERGENCE OF KAIDO! Right before Hawkins, Apoo and Kidd! Shit just got real and for once even Kidd doesn’t know how to react to this. All this time they were planning to go up against an Emperor of the Sea. Their target was Shanks and they were all up for planning it out but with the sudden emergence of Kaido, they have no choice but to react to the situation.



Now this is a theory I came across that I found the most intriguing. They claim Kaido cannot be killed and I believe that is probably true considering what has occurred to him in the past, having been captured and tortured. Could it possibly be that he was the previous man who under-went the immortality surgery by the hands of the man that owned the previous Ope Ope No Mi.

I mean let’s think about it… How did Diez Barrels get hold of the Ope Ope No Mi and what link does Kaido have to it all that X Drake was seeking him out. There has to be something going on there for all these events to have taken place.

And finally, would it possible for Law to reverse this? Do you think having possession of the Ope Ope No Mi now, he can cancel the arrangement of the previous user and thus allowing him to be the only who can truly defeat Kaido? And does he know this? It could be possible, hence why he chose to target Kaido in the first place


Is this the end for the Kidd-Hawkin-Apoo Alliance?

I don’t see how they can make it out of this without some consequences… I really don’t. I don’t think our friend Kaido is a reasonable man.