Daily Prompt offered me an opportunity to share my three wishes with the world and here they are!

Lucky Star

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

3 wishes


Now this is something I would wish for… THREE WISHES! I know, I know… You can’t wish for more wishes but it was just a matter of speech. Then again, who wouldn’t wish they had the opportunity to have three of their wishes granted.

I could ramble for days with the kind of mood I am in right now and I don’t think you’re really interested in wasting your time reading the irrelevant crap that goes on in my head so I think I’ll just go ahead and get on with my wishes.




For my first wish, it will be the most generic one ever; “World Peace”. However, it is easier said than done and there has to be something set in place for world peace to exist and for me that answer is compassion and tolerance.

I wish everybody in the world could develop compassion for everything and everyone. It wouldn’t matter who or what was before them, they would treat it with care and consideration. I know many people will disagree but if only people were more selfless and less selfish, this world would be a better place to live.

People would appreciate one another and understand the difficulties their fellow human beings were experiencing. Race, Color, Religion would not come into consideration when it came to helping one another and to hurt another human would be equivalent to hurting one’s own self. I wish that kind of empathy could be transplanted into every human being on the planet.

I can often experience this type of feeling and understanding. I can see things from other people’s views and put myself in their shoes and this is why I am more tolerant. But the majority of the world cannot do so it seems hence why there is so much evil in the world and unnecessary suffering taking place.


I always get asked this question: “Time travel or teleportation?”

I say: “Why not both?”

Who doesn’t want the ability to both time travel and teleport? It would make life so much more interesting. Me being a huge fan of time travel and being one of the laziest guys I know, this would be ideal for me. Not only would I arrive on time, I’ll get there 5 minutes early by travelling back a few minutes. How perfect life would be.

Point to be noted. I want this ability to be instant; like zap and I’m there. I don’t want any wormholes, pain or nausea to be associated with my journeys. I know I am being demanding here but this is my wish we are talking about after all. It’s not something to be taken lightly. I’m probably going to write a contract in regards to it so the wicked genie or whoever it is that’s granting my wish has no loopholes to make me suffer.

I’ve thought this out well haven’t I?

The only matter I’m not certain on is whether or not I want a poof of black smoke like Night-Crawler emitted every-time I teleport. I mean, the effect would be pretty cool as seen in the opening scene in the movie X-Men 2 however, it may seem like I’m farting my way through time and space.


Ok this may be even more generic than my first wish but it’s got to be done. I don’t want to die. I am afraid of death and if I could avoid it for eternity, I would. That means I remain youthful and don’t age, I cannot be killed as my body can regenerate itself at an alarming pace and I am immune to pain.

I would use this immortal life to learn every language, read every book and learn all there is to know about this world. I will also watch every anime, read every manga, play every video-game, watch every show and sit through every movie. And when the world ends, I will travel back in time with my previous ability and do it all again.


There you have it. I just have to make sure I’m not captured and locked away somewhere to ensure my life is… I just realised something… What I want is to be ‘THE DOCTOR!’…

Thanks for reading through my wishes and feel free to share your own below in the comments or add them to your blog and post a link below.