MCM COMICCON Manchester 2015



I attended the MCM Comic-Con in Manchester last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the atmosphere and I love taking photos of the brilliant cosplayers. I even bought some merchandise, my favourite being the Portgas D. Ace hat I acquired.

Last year however, I felt I missed out on a lot of the fun as I wasn’t dressed for the occasion. What I mean by this is the fact I hadn’t cosplayed.


This year, I decided I would be attending with my younger sister and the both of will most definitely be cosplaying this year. It took us a while to decide on what we should go as and after several weeks of planning, deciding, cancelling and then reconfirming our decisions, we ultimately decided to go in as Sokka and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


The costumes we decided to make ourselves as our mother owns a clothing store and has plenty of spare cloth in a variety of material and colour. She is also a handy seamstress and was willing to sew us our attires should we give her a hand in doing so.

We picked out the material and spent a few evenings working with her and eventually, on the night before the Comic-Con, we completed our costumes.


It was an absolutely amazing day out and we thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the event. Recommended for all geeks and anime fans out there; don’t be shy to cosplay because it is simply awesome. I shall be attending more MCM Comic-Con events so I may even bump into some of you if you decide to attend.


Here are some of our pictures that we took on the day. The quality is not great for some of them but it so difficult to hold the camera still when you’re having a good time.




For more pictures from Comic-Con:

MCM Manchester Comic-Con 2015