One Piece 796 Review


This week wasn’t as amazing as last week’s chapter, simply because we switched back to Dressrosa to hopefully finish things off now. Unfortunately there was no sign of Sanji and co or the situation with Kaiduo and the Kidd-Hawkins-Apoo Alliance. Oda continues to toy with us but we are a patient bunch. We shall wait another week.






So we all know how Fujitora follows a path of blind justice. That’s not just because he is blind. No, that’s not it at all. Much to the amusement of Sengoku and the disgust of Tsuru, he actually uses a dice to decide the fate of pirates. The luck of Luffy and Law has finally run out as the dice decided it was time to hunt them down.

I guess even the dice knows this is going to get boring if Fujitora continues to roll a one. All marines have been ordered to capture all pirates. Looks like shit is about to go down.




I was never a huge fan of Sengoku. I respect the guy, don’t get me wrong. I think he was a great Fleet Admiral and all but I didn’t think much of him to be honest. However, now that he isn’t Fleet Admiral anymore and from the backstory we witnessed with the whole Rosinante Doflamingo ordeal, I am starting to admire greatly; almost at the level of Garp.

This guy seems to love life and is very laid-back now that the responsibility is off his head and I am actually glad he can finally do so.



Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? She’s going around healing everyone. She’s even gone over to the marines asking for blood donations. What a little angel.




Kyros, as we all know, isn’t very confident in his image and he, like any decent father, doesn’t want it to affect the life of his daughter who must now become a princess and eventually Queen as desired by King Riku.

He wishes to remain anonymous in the reigning of this country and not reveal what he has done in order to restore or let it be known that he is the father to Rebecca. So they have created a story to please the crowds claiming that Princess Scarlett eloped with a prince from another country and thus the royal bloodline remains unblemished.

Obviously, this story would not sit well with Luffy who seems to be recovering in the most amazing way possible in the state of Sleeping, Eating, Worried, Sad and Angry … All at the same time, much to Zoro’s annoyance. That is just so Luffy!



This guy is just such a treat to have in this arc. I wish the Straw-Hats take him along for a while. His reaction to the Straw-Hats is just amazing. Imagine if he got to meet the whole crew at the same time… In his own words, he would go blind from the brightness.

He comes to deliver the news about the marines. Whilst Usopp is considerably upset by this news, Law is in wonder why Sengoku has arrived. Perhaps Rosinante left some deal in place for Law to be protected once he gained his revenge upon Doflamingo. Could Sengoku be here to uphold a promise to a dead comrade?




With the marines ready to make their move, the pirate alliance that Lucy and God Usopp have created are ready to go all out in order for the Straw-Hats to escape without harm. We have the Chinjao’s, Cavendish and the rest of the combatants from the gladiator pits stationed at various points to guide the Straw-Hats to a new ship. This is going to be one hell of a ride. I know I want to know what’s happening with Sanji, Kaidou and everything else, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see what happens next in Dressrosa.

Bellamy has recovered and seems to be heading out with the Strawhats but there still seems to be bad blood between Law and the Hyena. I wonder how this will play out later on their journey. I think Bellamy might stick around considering this.




Luffy on the other hand decides not to follow the crew out and instead claims he has an errand to run. We all know what he’s going to do. The whole Kyros thing didn’t sit well with him and I am for certain he’s going to do something to reveal the secret to Dressrosa that Kyros is Rebecca’s father. How he accomplishes this feat is going to be interesting, I can guarantee that much. This is Luffy after all.