This is your run-of-the-mill newsletter type post about what the blog will be providing over the next few months. I reckon we should do this ‘Quaterly’ as in every four months just so we stay focused and on track. The Q4 in the title simply means the fourth quarter and the 2015, well that goes without saying… Well in case @hauntinglime is confused about it, this indicates the year.

Our aim is to provide entertainment for all geeks out there, but sometimes that can be a difficult task considering there are so many fandoms and so few of us.

Those who know of us will be aware that quite a few of us are very in to our ‘Anime’ and ‘Manga‘, most notably @michaeltheotaku and @unlimitedresolve. I dabble here and there and am always searching for new anime and manga. Currently I am catching up with Hunter X Hunter and hooked on Stein’s Gate. Both highly recommended.

Before I get sidetracked like usual, lets talk about what new to Sleeping Geeks.



With the new season starting for the English Premier League, @bronzepanic and I have decided to report on it on a weekly basis. We are both huge football fans. That’s soccer for all you Americans out there who believe football involves using hands, Pfft.

Considering there are usually ten matches played every week, it becomes difficult to report on all of them individually, however it isn’t so hard to pick out the best individual performances from the week based on each position on the pitch. This is how we shall report the weekly happenings of the premier league to you, in the form of a Team of the Week.


As you may or may not be, probably are, aware of by now. I attended the MCM Comic-Con in Manchester this year and I cosplayed! That’s one thing off my bucket list but the experience was amazing and I will be doing so on a regular basis now. And with this new found love for cosplay, I shall search the internets for amazing cosplayers and display my finds on Sleeping Geeks on a weekly basis for all our readers to admire.

If you’re an aspiring cosplayer with a photoshoot  of your own, feel free to send them our way so we could show you off to the Sleeping Geeks out there. My details are probably lurking at the bottom of this post somewhere, if I remember to put them there. If not, feel free to remind me in the comments below. I am terrible at remembering important little details.



Personally, I am really fond of AMV’s (Anime Music Video’s) and it is one of my life-long-dreams something I plan to learn how to make in the near future. In the meantime, I do like to browse through YouTube and spend some hours flicking through them.

My favourite AMV of the week will be shared on Sleeping Geeks every Wednesday. Feel free to send me links to some you’ve created or stumbled upon that have really impressed you. I am always willing to check them out and many of them will probably feature on Sleeping Geeks at one point or another. So yeah, WEDNESDAY AMV’s will now be a thing.


Let’s see how well this goes for us. Leave a comment below what you think of this and if you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to add them too.