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Defeating the Evil Pro Crastinator


It is a well-known fact that every super-hero has an arch-enemy. Although I am no super-hero, I would refer to myself as a revolutionary, hell-bent on spreading geekism throughout the world. And I too have a foe that is just as resolved as I. My schemes are always obstructed by his antics, every time I take a step closer.


I believe I am not the only one this plan-wrecker has thwarted for his presence has been felt from the beginning of time. Perhaps he is the greatest villain of all-time. I am of course talking about Dr Pro Crastinator.



Pro and I have had many disagreements in the past. There have been a few occasions where our saviour, Will Power, has helped me defeat him in battle. On these few occasions I have been able to see out my plans. However, my thesis of geekology has always been put down, time and time again, when his procrastination ray has struck me.


If only I had unlimited resolve to help me, but that unfortunately is not the case and I must pick and choose my battles carefully against my opponent. There are many methods I have adopted in order to avoid his path. These include using the guidance of Cal Ender to stay organised, reading the gospel of Moe T. Vation and even going as far as isolating myself from the geekosphere. Procrastinator however is fully aware of my weakness and uses his spell of distraction to trap my attention in order for me to lose time.


Time is key for all my plans and it is that very thing The Procrastinator targets. If you are a victim of his, I beg of you to be aware at all times and stay away from his path. He has many agents and spies amongst the social media networks and they will attack you at every given opportunity. Protect your mind by using the concentration technique to remain true to whatever task you are doing.


Do not falter my friends. I believe in you. Put your faith in Will Power who shall one day defeat Dr Pro Crastinator and free you from this evil.

If interested on learning a few things about managing time, here’s a post I wrote a while back on time management.

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