Nami Cosplay 12

For our very first Cosplay Tuesday, we have the lovely Yukina cosplaying Nami-San from One Piece.

Nami is a popular character from the One Piece anime and manga series. Her role involves both stopping the guys from pulling stupid stunts and navigating the ship safely through the dangerous seas. Her dream is draw a map of the whole world.

Her love for money has gained her the nick-name of “Cat Burglar”. The pirate navigator has trained herself to become quite the combatant using her knowledge of the weather. She battle her opponents using her climatact, a unique weapon designed by Usopp, the sniper of the crew. She can call forth thunder clouds to strike her foe’s with lightning. She might look timid but she’s not a lady to mess with.

She was the third member of the Straw-Hats and second to join after Zoro in the Orange Town Arc. Although she did betray the Straw-Hats in the Arlong Park Arc, she did rejoin them concluding the defeat of Arlong and has never had second thoughts about it since. Nami is 20 years old, born on the 3rd of July. She stands at 170cm tall and carries a bounty of 16,000,000 beri before the timeskip.


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