Just as an introduction, I am known as Constant Crysis in the world of League of Legends which is a very popular MOBA as you may be aware of. For those that don’t know, here is something to clue you in.

League of Legend: A Beginners Guide

Now most people prefer an active role in the winning of games and prefer the position of the AD-Carry or the Mage so you can influence the game at the lead, killing and pillaging your way to victory. Others prefer to adopt the role of the Tank, absorbing damage for fun and allowing the team to barge its way to the finish line.

Me… I prefer playing the support; just hanging back and pulling the strings so that the rest can seek glory. And I don’t play a champion like Leona or Blitz that can both tank damage and make aggressive plays with their stuns and hooks.

I play Sona, a fairly squishy champion that is easy to kill. However, she has the ability to poke. People underestimate her power and that’s just the way I like it. They don’t see me coming.

Sona Lol

So I am currently in Silver 1, having recently been demoted from Gold 5. Some said it was impossible but I had to learn the hard way. I occasionally play Morgana and Taric in support if Sona is not available or I go into mid-lane with an Assassin like Katarina but my preferred champion and role is “Sona Support”.

I am just going to talk about my daily happening in my journey to Gold and beyond in the dreaded Solo Que with Sona. It’s going to be a bit of a diary. I noted that it’s ironic that Sona actually means “Gold” in my mother tongue so maybe it was just destiny to reach Gold with her. Now I just need to work my way back up there.




Today I had just about enough time for one game before work. Yeah, the first thing I do in the morning is play a game of ‘League’. I know it may seem sad to some but I do have an addiction to the game and sometimes I just need that daily dose out of the way so I can on with things. Because only the lord knows how many plays I make in my head before I drift to sleep at night.

Team Compostion

This game was flawed from the moment it begun. We had an all AD line-up. We had Riven top, Khazix in the Jungle, Zed in mid-lane and Ashe as our ADC. I was the only one who could provide the team with some magic damage so therefore we decided early on that I would be building up my ability power.

This meant I had to sacrifice my sight-stone and the whole team had to contribute to warding. That obviously did not happen and my cries for upgrading trinkets fell on deaf ears. Despite asking both Khazix and Riven to include some tanky-ness in their builds, it fell upon me to build an Aegis.

Enemy Team

Now the enemy team relied heavily on their AP line-up consisting of ChoGath, LuLu and Malzahar. This was because their Kalista was suffering from low CS thanks to your truly and being the first to die in team-fights as I stunned and exhausted her on multiple occasions.

Drake Issues

Now our team communication was very poor. We were aiming for the same objectives. While two of us will be trying to take a free inhibitor, the other two were trying to do Baron whilst our headless Zed was attempting Drake. I bet you can see the problem here.

The Drakes were lost upon every contest and despite the fact we ended up killing the entire enemy team on more than one of these battles for the dragon, we were feeling let down by our jungler. This wasn’t entirely the junglers fault as our Zed only decided to attack when he was on his own and decided it wasn’t worth his time in team-fights. So Khazix was constantly in rage mode whilst Ashe was as salty as my aunt’s curry, because she only managed assists and couldn’t secure any kills.

The only beacon of light I had in my team was the fearless Riven who, time and time again, saved our team by her focus, determination and will … all combined into one.

Saving the Day

We would have lost this game.

We should have lost.

On more than one occasion I managed to save the game. I am not trying to blow my own trumpet here but it’s the god-damn truth.

The first such occasion was when half the team was dead and I was the only one close enough to stop an enemy from taking the baron. I stalled them a little with my pokes, drawing a few away from completing the objective before catching the whole team in my Crescendo. Before I knew it, Riven and Kha were on them in a flash having made their way down and we ended up killing four of them with the Baron barely escaping with its life.

The second occasion was when Zed decided to suicide but changed his mind allowing the rest of the team to fall dead, apart from me that was. The enemy team charged through taking the inhibitor and one of the towers whilst I waited for the perfect opportunity for my ULT. As soon as I knew my team were almost respawned, I used my ultimate upon the enemy opposition who were at low health, catching three just before the tower fell at the hands of the minions but it was enough to allow my respawning teammate to clean them up as I died preventing our defeat.

Eventually, we managed to clean up the enemy team, picking them out one at a time and rode out victorious in the late game. One thing I learnt from this game was how dangerous a fed Lulu can be.

I finished the game with 8/11/40. The game can be witnessed here below: