Today’s games were fairly straight forward after the initial defeat I suffered with my beloved Katarina in mid. I struggle against Ahri at times and despite my valiant attempt to stay in the game, a feeding Vi on our team ensured there was no way back.

That sent me down to 0LP and I was dying for a win.

Like I said, I occasionally do play Katarina but that’s just because she’s my girl and I feel the need to play her every now and again, whereas my relationship with Sona is a little different. She’s more like my best friend. Somebody I can completely understand and trust.

Katarina/Mid Lane – 6/11/3 – 0LP


My next game in was in my favoured position; support alongside a Tristana. Unfortunately for the opposing team, their mid was AFK for the first five minutes allowing our Anivia to take a huge advantage.

I had decided to take a slightly different approach this game going with a complete AP and Magic Pen runes and replacing ‘exhaust’ with ‘ignite’. My idea was to poke Jinx so hard that she can’t stay in lane to CS. It worked initially but with the knowledge of their mid-laner being AFK in my subconscious mind, I played carelessly. And considering I had no defensive runes in my bag, I was going to die everytime Blitz caught me.

But I kept pressing on despite this with my pokes. And despite winning bot-lane and disrupting Jinx time-and-time again, I wasn’t pleased with my performance this game and I don’t think I’ll be using such a tactic against the likes of Blitz, Thresh or Leona. It’s too much of a risk if they decide to focus me.

Fizz did eventually show up late, fed tremendously well and we managed to win the game fairly easily in good time.

Sona/Support – 2/9/19 – 13LP


Now this game was a lot more interesting. We had a premade bot that opted to allow my expertise in support with Morgana taking the mid-lane instead.

Now with a fairly active Vayne with me, I found it easy to poke the Twitch before me who had took up no form of Magic Resistance what-so-ever. Leona tried to intervene at times but I hit her almost just as hard. Vayne was taking every opportunity to poke them as well, driving them deep into the safety of their turret whilst we controlled the farming zone.

Their Yi did cause some problems with his gank and Wu was fond of his teleports down bot but we managed to take tower early and hold our lane for quite a while. Rammus was supporting us heavily in order to feed Vayne. I had poked a little too hard and took a few early kills, as you do but we did get Vayne fed eventually.


Morgana had been all over Mordekaiser right from the start and the only scary moment of the game was when Mordekaiser bought Drake along with him into mid-lane using his frightening ability to resurrect the dead. Yikes!
Jax didn’t do much I must say and got a free win pretty much but the rest of us had an awesome game with Rammus rolling us to victory.

Sona/Support – 6/4/22 – 30LP



The final game of ensured me my hat-trick of wins with Sona. This does happen every so often where I become invincible with Sona. In fact, I once won back to back promotions without losing a single game but that was back when my laptop didn’t cause me problems.

Anyways, back to the final game.

This match was a lot more difficult for us initially. The cause of this trouble… “REKSAI”.

Now you may not see what the problem is by me simply mentioning his name but I’m pretty sure you can imagine getting ganked every time you decided to make a play. It became such a reoccurrence that I was expecting the gank before it even arrived. I could actually anticipate it before Reksai showed up. Unfortunately for me, Vayne still did not see this coming.

So with Thresh and Lucian winning bot-lane, we finally got one good Shyvana gank to take the tower and a double kill.
Ezreal was a huge help in mid-lane as our jungler had focused on putting both mid-lane and top ahead considering Reksai was so obsessed with the bot lane.

So with Garen and Kennen trailing behind Gnar and Ezreal, it was up to us bot-laners to pull through. The comeback was kicked off with a team-fight in mid where we simply bulldozed our way through two towers taking many kills in the process. Vayne continued to struggle but I was making my way back into the game. With each assist and killing resetting my mana gauge thanks to my Holy Grail, the team was thriving with a non-stop top-up of health, power and speed.

It didn’t take us long from there to realise we had the team-fights in the bag and from there onwards it was GG.

Sona/Support – 4/6/8 – 45LP

So my session ended in three wins after the initial loss. Not so bad and I finally feel I might actually be getting somewhere. Now I just need to keep this up and I’ll be Gold once again.