Following on from my previous two episodes, I bring you:

League Life Episode Three

Sona League of Legends


I really don’t want to talk about the first game. The opposing team picked Sona so I had to take Morgana. Now where Sona is like my best friend; Morgana is like my ex-girlfriend. Sometimes we can still hit things off but other times it all falls apart.

This was one of those times. It was partially the fault of my internet connection that suddenly decided it didn’t want to respond, only at the precise time I needed to stun or ult. As you can imagine, I ended up feeding the bot-lane Jinx pretty early. The rest of the team were just as bad and we failed, miserably.

Morgana/Support – 1/10/5 – 26LP



This was one those perfect support games where you make awesome plays, get kills and assists in abundance and pretty much help carry your team. Bot-Lane with Tristana is becoming a thing now. With her escapes she can get out of tricky situations and if the enemy team focus her, I can poke them pretty hard

I started with an Ancient Coin inside of Spell-Thief’s. The reason behind it was that I didn’t want to force myself into pokes just to get the gold as this often gets me caught by the likes of Blitz. Sometimes playing passively provides more fruits.

We were up against a Blitz and Cait. They both tried pretty hard but they were no match for our team. We won all team-fights, sometimes, I’m not quite sure how but all I know is, Trist and I were doing some heavy damage.

Reksai was responding well in the Jungle and despite their Udyr doing well initially, taking the first drake and all, we came back into the game once we took Bot-Lane. Fizz and Xerath in mid was a tie and our Rengar was running on drugs I think the way he was cleaning up the place; Gankplank could not compete.

Blitz was the biggest feeder in the game and sometimes I felt sorry for him because Trist could jump out of his pull and you can imagine how that must feel; right under a tower as well.

I ended up with more Gold than my ADC and I did more damage to champions as well somehow. I guess sometimes I just become a super support.

Sona/Support – 5/4/27 – 40LP


I thought about having a break. I just enjoyed a good win and sometimes it’s better to let that victory live through you for a while before going back in for another dose of triumph. Against my better judgement I decided to play another game. I went up against a team of Graves and Katarina in bot-lane.

My ADC was one of the saltiest I’ve played with. Complaining about me killing Katarina in the team-fight where he pretty much died at the same time as Kata. Diana was having a good game against Ziggs but our Pantheon in Top… Oh our Pantheon… I don’t know what to say about the dude. It was like he didn’t have a clue about judging the enemy before going into battle. He would randomly jump in with his ultimate, forcing team-fights in locations that didn’t fit us.

I struggle against Katarina because I know if she Ult’s anywhere near me, I am going to take a lot of damage that I can’t really heal due to grievous wounds. I kept using my exhausts and Crescendo’s on her but the damage was already done and I die pretty easy. Shyvana did try I guess but she decided to go with an off-tank build rather going for the complete tank that we needed.

Not that it would make a difference with Kamikaze Pantheon.

The greatest moment was Pantheon ulting in between the complete enemy team doing baron with nobody close enough to do anything. And then he comes out with, “No Help?”

Sona/Support – 4/12/19 – 16LP


Notice how much LP I lose to what I gain. I can never understand how this shit works I tell you.