One Piece Chapter 799 Review

This chapter was quite the surprise and despite being very predictable it was immensely enjoyable. I loved the whole chapter. Every single panel was amazing and it was just a joy. Thanks you Oda for this chaper.



sabo squirrels


The situation is a serious one. Luffy, the hero of this story, is up against the man who is meant to be on the side of justice. The battle is meant to be intense and you should be at the edge of your seat as two of the strongest men in the world battle it out. Instead, we witness the strangest of fights with Luffy announcing each and every one of his attacks.

Fujitora, although blind, is perfectly capable of carrying himself in a fight. In fact, he is deemed one of the strongest marines in the world, hence his position of an admiral. So Luffy announcing his attacks seems naïve and Fujitora doesn’t appreciate being looked down upon. You know how it goes with people with disabilities not wanting to be treated any differently.

But Luffy doesn’t see it that way. You see, Luffy has his own way of looking at things and his reasoning behind announcing his attacks is weird as hell but understandable if you look at it from Luffy’s point of view.

He wants Fujitora to know exactly how he is being beaten up, considering he cannot witness his own beatings, being blind and all.

Fujitora’s response to this is hilarious further infuriating Luffy who is damn serious about it all. There is no way Fujitora could have taken this fight seriously but now knowing he is up against somebody so stupid, he plans to put an end to it.


Fujitora’s attack throws Luffy several feet away allowing the giant Hajrudin to catch him at Cavendish’s commands. They keep him contained, despite Luffy begging to be released in order to complete his fight. It seems Fujitora isn’t looking to back down either.

The situation is a dire one and they need to escape. That is the mission plan and the most important thing at this moment. And then we have Luffy’s partner in crime. If there is anybody else who thinks fighting is more important than everything else, it’s Zoro.

The look on his face when he thinks Luffy is tagging him in to fight Fujitora is just brilliant. And then we have Barty in the background about to lose it at Zoro’s suggestion. It’s like Zoro and Luffy are school-kids trying their utmost to get into trouble whilst the parents are trying to contain the situation.

For the escape, they have a line of ships ready to leave thanks to Captain Orlumbus’ fleet known as the Yonta Maria. Which if you didn’t know is a take on the Santa Maria, the famous ship of Christopher Columbus. Even the “Yon” is a pun as “San” means three and “Yon” means four in Japanese.

With Fujitora ready to bring all the pirates down with his devil fruit abilities, it is up to the people of Dressrosa to protect their saviour. They run in amid the chaos, pretending to be a mob shouting out fake curses at the pirates to whom they were grateful. They had always been aware of Kyros being Rebecca’s father and are happy for them re-uniting; despite their claims Luffy stole their princess.

It is revealed Fujitora’s blindness was self-inflicted as he didn’t wish to see the cruelty of the world anymore, however he wished to see Luffy’s face for he believed it must be kind to have received such positivity from the people of the country.



I know I’ve been calling it the Pirate Alliance for some time now but it’s finally formed. I remember watching the online reviews of Sawyer7Mage and Code Provider for a while and I recall there was a time where Sawyer called Oda out for making too many fodder for Luffy to defeat and he just couldn’t care about all the characters he was introducing. Code defended Oda claiming it was always for a reason.

Well, it looks like Code won here because quite simply, this is what Oda was planning. Never question Oda guys. In Oda we Trust!

  1. Orlumbus and his fleet of 64 are also offered up to Luffy. That’s a huge amount of ally’s right there. 64 ships is a huge amount and considering he size of the Grand Yonta Maria ship, this is going to be an insane alliance. There’s a total of 4300 of them.

  1. Hajrudin has announced his plans to get the legendary giants crew back together as predicted by Dorry and Broggy. The golden age of giants will return. This is huge news and Usopp is well pleased by this. Apparently Hajrudin already has four guys ready to join him.

  1. The Tontatta Tribe seem to be ready to sail out as well after having received permission from their old man with Leo preparing to lead the crew. They also offer their alliance to Straw-Hat crew. So we’ve gone from giants to dwarves. This alliance has the lot. The Tontatta Corps are a total of 200.

  1. Ideo, the long-arm boxer leads a group of 4 in what will be known as the XXX Martial Arts Alliance that also includes Bluegilly, the long-leg marital artist and the two ex-bounty hunter Jeet and Abdullah.

  1. The Happo Navy lead by their 13th chief Don Sai is next with his 1000 members. This should include my girl Baby-5 as well.

  1. 56 members of the Barty Club lead by Bartomoleo are obviously going to be a part of this alliance considering he’s their biggest fan.

  1. And last but not least, we have Hakuba/Cavendish with his crew of 75 known as the Beautiful Pirate crew. It’s funny how Suleiman, one of the ugliest guys going has joined the crew, despite no formal invitation. He just decided to go with Cavendish. And our pretty boy still claims he’s Luffy’s senpai and plans to steal all the glory.


Despite all of this information, Luffy is not fazed at all and cannot seem to fathom why this alliance is being formed. As things stand, he may end up declining to lead the alliance. They offer 7 cups of sake and I reckon Usopp is going to force them down Luffy’s throat to ensure this alliance is made. After all, he’s finally got his 5000 warriors.



It’s going to be a parent-child relationship here. This is ironic because I had compared the Straw-Hats to children and the alliance as parent’s and here we have them asking Luffy to take them under his wing as his children.

This also reminds me of Whitebeard and how he took all those crews under him, calling them his children. Luffy is going to become the new whitebeard. We have already seen him taking Fish-man Island under his protection. This bad-boy is going to carry Ace’s will with him to see Whitebeard become the Pirate King by emulating Whitebeard in this sense.