I was expecting a lot from chapter 800 with it being the landmark 8th century chapter but it wasn’t as amazing as I had expected but it was good non-the-less. Chapter 801 however was exactly what I wanted from Oda and he delivered. He just knows when to give us what we don’t expect.




Just as we thought, Luffy declined the offer and I can see why to be honest. He doesn’t like the whole idea of swearing fealty and oath’s of protection and what not. He lives a free life and that’s what how he sees the world. If you need help, I’ll help you because I want to help you and if I need help, I’ll let you know. There are no expectations to be made here. It’s just a general idea of friendship.

Does Luffy plan to hold it against someone if they don’t show up at the grand battle? Of course not, because that’s just not how Luffy works.

Bartolomeo gets this and that’s the reason why he is so out of it upon realising his idol’s thought process. It is a beautiful ideology if you think about it, “don’t hold high expectation of people and avoid disappointment.” The only time I ever see Luffy disappointed is when there isn’t any food.




Luffy doesn’t see being the Pirate King as being the ruler of the sea. He thinks that it would make him free and that’s what he wants for everyone. If Luffy becomes the Pirate King, he will declare it free. Obviously those around him can’t understand this concept as they believe to rule the sea you need an army.

Luffy can be naïve at times but I think this thought is actually pretty grand. He is the Pirate King that will liberate the blues from the clutches of everyone who tries to rule over it. This specifically includes the World Government and The Marines.



The highlight of this chapter for me was Zoro. He doesn’t really care about what’s going on with the whole alliance. The only thing that even captured his attention was the drink that was being offered and Zoro being Zoro never lets drinks be declined.

So what does our beloved swordsman do?

He drinks it all! Way to go Zoro!



Not realising Sengoku is behind him; Fuji pretty much declares his love for pirates and is shot down by Sengoku immediately. The reaction of both parties is hilarious and I love Oda for including things like this to show us the human side to these old fools.



Not what I was expecting by any means but it was pretty good non-the-less. But then again, I was expecting Oda to do something that I wasn’t expecting in which case I was expecting exactly this. Either way, decent chapter. Nothing more to say.




One Piece 801 color

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ROB ‘Mo-Fuckin’ LUCCI!!! The top-hat wearing, pigeon ventriloquist who works as a government assassin in his spare time is back and seems to be leading the CP0 now with the slimy Spandam now acting as his little dog. What in the world happened in the last two years that Rob has been reinstated and cleared of all wrong-doing.

I always thought Lucci would switch allegiances to the Revolutionaries but it seems he’s back where he belongs; on the side of ‘Justice’.

Perhaps his idea of ‘Dark Justice’ works well with the ‘Absolute Justice’ the new Fleet Admiral keeps banging on about. I could definitely see Akainu being pleased with someone like Rob Lucci.

It has also been confirmed that the man on the other side of the call was non-other than our second favourite member of the long-nose club. I’m talking about the high-flying, death-defying, giraffe-zoan user; KAKU!

Well this lot have figured out that during the whole mess hear at Dressrosa, the revolutionaries snuck in and stole a whole shit of weapons. This obviously becomes a problem for the World Government and this is exactly what our boys from CP9 are hired to prevent. Will we see a “Rob Lucci vs Sabo” in the near future? Can you imagine the “Rokushiki Techniques” being combines with “Haki”?


We get pulled back into Dressrosa, hopefully for the final time, as King Riku reveals the next Reverie is upon us. For those who don’t know what the Reverie is… This is the meeting between the Kings of all the Countries as they talk on important issues. These people know secrets in regards to the ‘Will of D’ as their families are the ones that were chosen to descend upon the thrones that were left behind by the Celestial Dragons.

This is noteworthy as the last Reverie occurred in the Arabasta flashback and it is extremely important to learn what these Kings are planning and the situation the current world stands in, now that Dressrosa is back in the hands of King Riku.



Luffy, Kyros and God Usopp, in the state he defeated Sugar, are given statues in the town centre of Dressrosa. This was both touching and hilarious. Usopp now has two statues in the world; one in Skypiea and one in Dressrosa. This man is going to get as famous as Joy-Boy one day! He is everywhere… A living legend, a hero… A GOD!


So we have new bounties revealed for the Straw-Hats, including Trafalgar Law whose 500,000,000 Beri bounty is reinstated now that he is no longer a Shichibukai. However, whilst our boy Barty has framed the bounties of the other Straw-Hats, he has binned Law’s and Law couldn’t give a shit.

Luffy joins Law at the 500 million mark showing the both of them are equals which makes it all the more awesome. Zoro has hiked up to 320 million. THAT IS HUGE!!!

But the man with the biggest increase in percentage is non-other-than GOD USOPP! Now I’m not sure if the marines know this is the same man behind the Sogeking mask but Usopp now holds a 200 million beri bounty. 200,000,000! That’s more than Sanji’s 177,000,000. The rest pretty much got a 50,000,000 increase in theirs whilst Chopper doubled his to 100 (How Cute).


My boy Barty couldn’t make his love for Luffy any more apparent than having his ship based on the Going Merry, with Merry’s head holding the mast and a statue of Luffy at the front of the ship. The name of the ship; The Going Luffy! How epicly awesome is this guy?

Luffy has handed his Vivre Card pieces to all his allies, including Bellamy. This means he can be tracked down easily by anybody if it falls into the wrong hands. I think handing it to Bellamy was not wise. Do not forget, he isn’t called the Hyena for nothing.


They finally have a picture of Sanji on his Bounty Poster and it specifically states, the bounty is only valid if captured “ALIVE”. Now this is very peculiar indeed. Could all the Sanji is a Prince rumour be true? This seriously sets things up for a bright future for our Prince!


Four Marine Battle-Ships are escorting Doflamingo to Impel Down. FOUR SHIPS and it consists of the Legendary Tsuru, former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and the current Admiral Fujitora! That’s quite the entourage wouldn’t you agree?

Yet we have Captain Jack of Kaidou’s crew confident of helping the bastard escape. How strong is Kaidou’s crew that even the subordinates boast so much confidence. I mean I know Shanks with Ben Beckman et al are very strong and stopped a war but seriously, taking on Fuji and Sengoku? I don’t think that’s a good idea, even for Kaidou himself.

Doflamingo must be hella important to Kaidou and the black market for them to risk such a breakout for him. Just who is this Captain Jack with the grill on his face similar to Captain Axe-Hand Morgan?


A lot of shit went down this chapter and it was, without a doubt, one of the greatest chapters of this year. However, the greatest of this chapter had to be Doflamingo’s speech.

He’s placed in a sea-stone prism, chained to the ground with multiple sea-stone chains. Only his face is visible. Despite the situation he is in, the bastard is able to smile and his sunglasses remain covering the evil in his eyes.

Tsuru asks his opinion on what’s going to happen now that he’s no longer ‘pulling the strings’. He tells her that they’ve just cut off the wings that were keeping the pirates of the world in check. He was the Joker; the underground broker. He was the one that kept everything in the world of pirates under control. Now that he was no longer a player, all hell is going to break loose.

He even had a message for the Celestial Dragons. They’re going be taken off their thrones. The world will see the greatest war of all time. The only thing he asks is for a newspaper everyday so he can keep himself entertained as it all falls apart.

Even in defeat, he knows how fucked up the world is and he laughs at the faces of the men who have him in chains.



I cannot give this chapter anything less than a 10. There was so much more in this chapter that I will have to discuss in a separate post.