This chapter! OMD! This chapter was just amazing. Haven’t had a chapter that has made me laugh so hard in a long time. Not to mention how excited I am for this next arc. A lot of things to discuss.





First, the new Marine HQ is a McDonalds!

Second, we get to see Kizaru! AWESOME!

And he discusses the new Shichibukai called Edward Weeble who’s been hunting down Whitebeard’s crew and is actually taking them out one-by-one.

HOW IN THE WORLD? How insane is that? Just how strong is this guy? Who the hell is he?

The son-of-whitebeard? Are you kidding me? Quite clearly he isn’t, hence why Oda added the self-proclaimed to his title but HOLY SHIT! Just how frickin’ strong is this guy?

The dude actually believes he is Whitebeard’s son and he’s even got a little shrivelled up mom with him who claims to be Whitebeard’s lover. You couldn’t make this shit up unless you were Oda. The guy trolls us so hard. All this time I was thinking the new shichibukai would be Shiki. Even the hair and everything…

This dude reminds me of Lola from Thriller Bark and the stitching on his body also reminds me of the zombie’s from Thriller Bark. I wonder if Gecko Moria is involved.

But yeah, this dude looks at a picture of Whitebeard and asks his mom if he’s staring at a mirror…


That panel alone killed me for a minute. “I look like Whitebeard so I must be his son”Can’t really argue that logic.

The poor lad wants to kill Blackbeard and avenge his father but his gold-digger mother just wants to find a non-existing Whitebeard treasure. The dude wasn’t Roger. He didn’t claim to leave everything in One Piece you silly old hag.


I honestly don’t know what Whitebeard must have seen in her…

So now they’re searching for Luffy because they received news he defeated Doflamingo and they recall Marco protecting the guy at the war so obviously he must know where Marco is after two years. Again with this amazing logic. Watch out Vegapunk, we’ve got a new genius about.


Now we haven’t seen the guy for a while, and we know he is alive because he escaped Doflamingo. Can this guy be a product of the former Shichibukai? He’s got the zombie look to him and can easily be the work of Doctor Hogback. Perhaps he contains a dimwitted but very powerful shadow inside the body and the body might be the combination of dead warriors from the war.

Why was Gecko Moria ordered to be killed by presumably the Gorosei if he didn’t possess a power that was a threat to the World Government. Clearly there must be more to him than that… This might just be his work.



If you thought that was funny, you haven’t seen this bunch of idiots.

The crew… doesn’t have a navigator. This isn’t a hoax. This is not a joke. This is the hard cold truth the Straw-Hats just discovered.

Barty’s crew, does not have a Nami; the most valuable member of the Straw-Hat crew who gets them safely through the grand-line

Instead, what they use is their superstitious gramps who tells them what to do in dire circumstances through the use of a den-den-mushi. How have they survived this long?

To top it all off, they all suffer from sea-sickness and cannot tell the difference between a mountain and a monster… Are they even pirates at all? This chapter just gets weirder by the moment.

Hail the size of skulls are falling and breaking the ship apart. Even LUFFY is scared that they’ll sink. Everybody seems to be thinking… WTF?

Except my beautiful Robin who just smiles and says “How Lovely” … Isn’t she just amazing?



Law actually refers to Usopp as God! This is hilarious as Usopp, who was trying to stop Luffy from heading over to another crazy island, suddenly stops and starts flailing over his new title and bounty. And we get to see the crazy side to Franky who cannot accept the fact Usopp has a bounty that’s more than twice his own.

The fact that Law just says it so casually, like that is now officially Usopp’s title; GOD!



We discover Zou, the island… Except it’s not an island. Well, firstly… it moves. And secondly … It’s an ancient elephant that walks the see’s, never stopping in one place and he’s covered in fog and Zou just happens to be on top of him, an inhabitable land on top of this 1000 year old elephant.

This island is also the place where we think ‘THE CURLY BROW PIRATES’ are currently at and where Law sent his crew.

I think it’s safe to say Robin shall discover a poneglyph here. Also, forgot to mention… This island is also the home of the Mink… And they just happen to hate humans.

The most common theory is that Bepo is a Mink-Man and that’s the species; animals who are like humans. It would also explain the name Zou.

If you recall, that’s one of the undiscovered species in the world of One Piece that was mentioned back in Sabaody.


Now this is my theory! Law sent Bepo and the crew over to the island to find Bepo’s real dad. You see, Be”Po” knowing martial arts and Panda’s being cousins to Polar Bears gives us the whole Kung-Fu Panda 3 plot which Oda is going to infuse in this arc, because he thought of it first and it’s actually important to Bepo to find his real father. He recently discovered Law never really gave birth to him and Penguin, well Penguin is not actually a Penguin.

So Law had no choice but to let him go on this quest to find his real father whilst Law takes down Doflamingo and Kaido using the Straw-Hats instead.

This makes complete sense.