Now all I knew about this anime before watching the first episode was the concept.

The concept is simple; it’s about a super-hero who can defeat anybody with a single punch.

I thought it was a gag-manga and thought the show would be very funny rather than serious. I mean how can you be serious about a guy who defeats everyone with one punch?

My friend “Detective_Loki” is a huge fan as far as I know and I usually like his choice in manga.

One Punch Man Episode 1 Review

Now my response will be an honest one. I wasn’t completely impressed but that may have something to do with it both being and not being what I expected. The concept of a One-Punch Man seems boring on paper and knowing he can defeat anybody with a single punch makes it predictable and that is exactly what happened at the start.

There was not much comedy involved however. I’ll admit, the giant brother squishing his scientist brother was hilarious in the dark comedic manner and the expressions on One-Punch Man’s face are also priceless as we can see how bored he is from the whole One-Punch thing. Not forgetting the fact he’s lost his hair because of being strong. That’s just badass.

I’m so strong; I defeated my own hair.


What makes it interesting though is we learn where he started off. He was just your average guy who had nothing else to live for and decided to defend a kid with a butt-chin against a monster. He started off like a normal guy; like you and me, nothing special about him.

The second half of the episode we learn how he finds life boring now that he has over-trained and there is no thrill in defeating monsters anymore simply because he is too powerful. He wants a challenge and it was the reason why he followed the career path in the first place.

The whole scene against the ‘Subterraneans’ was good and it was amusing to learn how it was all a dream and the actual encounter was completely one sided.


The pacing of the anime was pretty good despite not really grabbing my interest much as of yet but I am hoping the show will pick up as the story progresses. I am intrigued to how they can make such a flawed concept interesting.



The main aspect I loved about One Punch man was, without a doubt, the animation. It was beautiful to watch. The way the character was introduced, the fighting sequences… I cannot fault the animation at all. It was perfect.

The music was also brilliant and I enjoyed how the anime made me feel whilst watching it. To be honest I like the music in most anime so its difficult to really comment on music for me.