The first episode was interesting but it didn’t really draw me into the series as much as I would have liked it to. This episode however, changed all that around.

One Punch Man Episode 2 Review

The episode introduced us to the concept of mosquitos being a pain in the neck… and everywhere else on your body. Those little shits were sucking people dry literally in this instance. The whole neighbourhood was evacuated. Everybody realised the danger except Saitama, who was too busy trying to kill the one mosquito in his home.

The strongest man in the world and he’s struggling against a mosquito. This whole concept was bat-shit insane and every bit hilarious as it seems. This scene alone is a must watch. The look on Saitama’s face as he fails time and time again using his thunder clap of a slap, trying to crush the mosquito in between his hands.

All the while a new, awesome, badass, cool looking character is introduced. He uses a flame thrower and incineration based techniques to fight, using his andriod/cyborg body to produce the attacks as well as giving him a durable body. He discovers the source of the problem, a large mutated female mosquito. She gave me those Hisoka from HxH vibes but she was way too confident. In fact, she actually reminds me of the Chimera Ants from HxH. Go figure, they’re both MadHouse productions.

The crazy sexy mosquito lady almost has our new hero dead until a naked Saitama swats her away with a single slap and splats her against a building like she were nothing but a normal bug. Saitama being naked is a whole another story involving the fire cyborg torching the whole town in order to defeat the mosquito army.

Genos Gif

So the “Fire-Guy” is actually called Genos and wants Saitama to take him under his wing. Saitama is not the least bit interested and we see his patience tested as Genos goes on a word blitz, giving his whole backstory. The poor lad tries to be quick about it and he’s damn serious but the reaction Saitama gives is downright rude but the boredom was killing the guy… He couldn’t help it. This is another 10/10 scene.

Saitama actually tells Genos off for not sticking to a word limit when telling his backstory. This is hilarious!

The rest of the episode was equally good as an organisation of bad guys in the shape of animals was introduced with their leader being some lab geek who has the shadow clone jutsu ability or learnt to clone himself through science. Probably the latter.

The fight with the Beast-King was just so anti-climatic but that’s what made it so cool. Saitama simply just beat his ass with a multiple set of punches and the Gorilla that Genos faced was just so funny when he revealed he wasn’t actually a cyborg and just used the voice because it was cool.