Bethesda has been spoiling us over the years with the likes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dishonored, Wolfenstein: The New Order, to just name a few. This time we have an all new Fallout game!


For those of you who have played the older games will remember the top-down, point and scroll system of video games; most of the items in the games being interactable, turn based fighting, which brought many of us great joy since we were able to blow heads off people and dismember limbs.

The good ol’ days.

Well, times have changed. Some games change with the times too; notably GTA, which was once a 2D, top-down, action-adventure game, before it evolved in to a 3D, action-adventure game, which could be played in first or third person. Bethesda, just like Rockstar, have evolved and moved on with the technology.

What does the new Fallout bring us?

I’m super excited to say that it’s a whole load of goodies. We’re talking a fully customisable character from start to finish, including playing as either a male or a female. The system that creates these characters has a simple interface, but it’s complex enough that it generates a baby using the features of both parents. WHAT?!

Many people have started to describe this game as Skyrim, but with guns. Lots of guns. What is so great about the weapons in this game though? Well, each weapon can be modified and built the way you want to use it. You collect items in various ways from the game world to create the actual mods, unlike in Borderlands where you will find those mods laying around or as loot.

There’s nothing like the taste of that sweet grind to create the perfect mods to put on our weapons, making it so much more enjoyable when we, y’know…

Blow a guys head off.

Well, if you thought that was impressive, check this out. There are over 50 base weapons which can be modified 700 different ways. Hold on. 700. Per weapon. Let that sink in. That’s right. By using math, and some other voodoo, I can calculate that the number of unique weapons we can create is 35,000. A potential of 35,000 weapons in this game!

HOLY MOLY! We haven’t even factored in that some weapons have more than 3 mods which can be applied to them.

As we know from other Bethesda games, the story is fantastic, but it’s optional. You can go through the story, from one mission to another, or you can explore the barren wastelands to find the notorious easter eggs left by the team. It’s all about what you want, one of the reasons why Bethesda has not put in a multiplayer mode. Kudos to them.

What really gripped me was the fact that you can have your own settlement. You can build it the way you want; create turrets, mark out trade routes with other settlements, defend against raiders, and be the go-to man when your people need you. I love a bit of city building, and this really sealed the deal for me.

Just two weeks left until this beast hits the shelves. Two weeks left for you to kiss society goodbye.