Zou, Captain Jack and Kaido Theory; One Piece Chapter 805+

We haven’t seen much of Zou as of yet. We got a brief glimpse in chapter 795 and since then we’ve had 2 full chapters on the island yet there is so much mystery surrounding the island I cannot help but be intrigued by it.

I’m just going to brush up on what I know about the island so far, so we can see what we have and then branch out to a few theories and speculations we can make from the information we have gathered.



I’ll start with what we saw in Chapter 795.

Oda played a smart game here. He gave us so much in this chapter with the appearance of Kaido that it was difficult to focus on exactly what was going on this chapter but if we go back and analyse it in detail there is a lot we can learn by going back and combining it with what we know.

My initial review was solely focused on Kaido at the time because of how big of an impact he had; like literally fell from the sky and broke through the surface of the earth. I missed out on a lot of what was going on as I couldn’t originally make heads or tails of it. Now, I’m in a better place to speculate.

I’d also like to point out the foreshadowing of this arc a whole while ago back in chapter 569. As you can see below, an elephant with a Zou hat that has the resemblance of Kaido’s Jolly Roger is shown.

Zou Foreshadow


There was clearly a reason that the “Curly Brow Crew” (that’s the name I’m using for Sanji’s B-Team for now) ended up climbing up a huge elephant and onto an unknown island. Caesar Clown mentions he was happy to stay on the boat and wait after escaping Big Mom’s Pirates but the rest had been adamant on entering this dangerous place.

My question is what could have the reason for entering Zou in such a hurry if they had already escaped Big Mom’s Crew? 

Chopper mentioned “We could still save them”.

Who is he referring to as them”?Zou Chopper

Is it the minks? Or is it something to do with what they learned from their interaction with Big Mom?

Considering it is not explained how the Curly Brows escaped Big Mom, do you perhaps thinks it has something to do with Kaido’s crew intervening? We know that Kaido’s crew is also involved in this somehow but we aren’t aware of how.



I think this has something to do with the mink we saw. It is mentioned they were distracted by her and Nami wants to find her but Sanji assures her that they will but he is no hurry to do so.

Kaido’s crew are also interested in the girl as we saw them question Nami about her whereabouts. I wonder why they were after her. Could she possibly know a secret? I think we will learn more about her for certain and she will be vital to the Zou story.

Zou 795What if she lured them in for a reason? She does look a little guilty hiding there and watching them.

I believe there is a secret to her and we will learn about it soon and she will be the one bringing everything to light; once the Straw-Hats eventually find her.



We saw two members of the Kaido crew. One of them was riding a crocodile much like we saw Wanda and this made me wonder if he is affiliated with Mink-Men somehow. They both had horns on the head and whilst the male was known as Sheep-Shead-Sama, the female was not given a name. It clearly showed the male was in charge and calling the shots and the ‘sama’ prefix shows he is highly respected.

Zou Special

Now there were a few things to note here. This man called Nami an intruder much like how the Mink-Men were calling Luffy an intruder. I believe this Sheep-Shead guy is a Guardian Mink-Man. My reasoning behind this is based on the following information.

Firstly, he is shown to carry a weapon on his back with the hilt identical to the one we saw Rody in chapter 805 carry. He has an animal situated to him much like the rest of the minks and most importantly, upon attacking Brook, the musician noted that there was something strange about the attack and we see some sort of power emitted from the point of attack at Brook’s blade. This is most definitely the ‘Electro’ ability that was confirmed in chapter 805.

Sanji fights Sheep Shead

So this man to me is without a doubt a Mink-Man and with the Jolly Roger we saw at his belt, it seems he is affiliated with both Kaido and the natives of Zou.

But what does that mean? And how did he become a subordinate of Kaido?

I believe the female member we see is also a Mink-Man and is also part of Kaido’s crew based on the horns we saw. We see some more members of the crew who seem like human to me but wear Viking style helmets which I believe is a symbol for Kaido’s pirate crew based on the Jolly Roger we have seen with the horns and all.

Sanji combined with Brook to defeat this Sheep-Shead guy with one powerful hit so I don’t think they’re stronger than the Straw-Hats in a fight individually but as a group it is yet to be known.

Zou Sanji

That Pedro Lion we saw a glimpse of will definitely be a difficult opponent in my opinion. He could possibly emulate Lucci in his fighting strength considering he is a carnivore and must have a higher bloodlust.

Then there is also the point to mention about the “torture device” Zoro found. There are clearly chains attached to it that were broken and to me it seems like someone was imprisoned here. Could it be that the Kaido Pirates entered the island to rescue a comrade?

Jacks Cage


It is stated Zou predates the World Government and with it being such an ancient place, I am certain Robin will find another poneglyph on this island.

We know Roger did go to Zou at one point much like with Sky Island (another similarity here), based on what we see in Chapter 0/595.5 where it was mentioned Roger disappeared all of a sudden after rejecting Shiki’s idea of ruling the world. The panel shows a similar swirly fog that is depicted around Zou which to me pretty much confirms it. This is Oda’s way of showing us things without making it obvious.

Also a point to note, the Mink-Man from Kaido’s crew mentions something about the island being special but was cut off by the water eruption which I believe is simply the elephant pouring water on itself. Whatever he was going to say was something important. Oda gave us a hint but didn’t reveal anything of note.



What we know about Jack so far is limited but from what we do know, he is an extremely important figure in the plot that is about to ensue.

This was the famous Jolly Roger that was accredited to Calico Jack.

It is a popular theory that this Captain Jack will be based on the famous pirate Calico Jack from the Golden Age of Piracy; real name John Rackham. What we know about this guy is he was a lover of Anne Bonny so perhaps we will see something to do with Jewellery Bonney this arc but I highly doubt it.Bonney


From what I’ve gathered about Jack, he is Kaido’s man in charge of seeing over operation whilst Kaido is busy attempting his suicides and getting captured. We know Kaido is heavily involved with the underground with weapon making workshops to artificial devil fruit production.

It may even be that the Giant Children were also one of his projects that Caesar Clown was overseeing as part of the deal made with Doflamingo in providing Kaido with these biological weapons.

One Piece 800

From what I gather of what Kaido said in chapter 795, I believe Kaido plans to bring about the greatest war ever. I believe this is based on Whitebeard holding that title after the Marineford War and this is the task he has given Doflamingo; to prepare everything he needs for this war which includes the Zoan Army, The Weapons Trade and The Giant Kids.


Jack, upon learning of Caesar Clown being captured, was furious and that is the reason why he ended up getting involved with the Straw-Hats story. They were directly affecting his operations.

Zou might have something to do with the production of SAD, using the genes of these Mink-Men to produce artificial devil fruits.

We saw a glimpse of what we believe is Jack on Zou and also we got a look a partial look at his face as he planned to rescue Doflamingo and was serious about taking on Sengoku, Tsuru and Fujitora to do so. Doflamingo is that important to the underworlds and Jack believes he is capable of carrying out such a feat.

To even suggest he is capable means he must have enormous strength which brings me to the theories of what powers he possesses.


I’m going immediately dismiss the Captain Morgan theories because there is no way Morgan managed to work his way up such a position in the two years since despite the grill on his face we saw.



Now Jack’s ship resembled that of an elephant and considering the Elephant Zoan is already taken, consumed by Spandam’s sword, Frankfurt, I believe Jack has a more powerful variant of the Zou-Zou no Mi.

It would fit with the Zou arc theme and it makes a lot of sense based on the ship and what we know of Kaido’s crew of Zoan’s.

I believe Jack will possess either an Ancient Zoan in the form of a Mammoth or a Mythical Zoan based on the Hindu God Ganesh. Both these fruits will provide him with enormous strength and depending on how he uses them; he could do a lot of damage. Enough damage to wreck Zou.

I would also like to note the footprints in Zou were pointed out by Franky to resemble a huge elephant.



The girl with the Sheep-Shead dude mentioned that the samurai has not shown himself despite what has occurred which means he is not with them. That is a clear reference to Kinemon. Now this gets me thinking… What does Kinemon have to do with the Minkmen and Kaido?

I recall Kinemon mention that he was headed to Zou initially when Law mentioned his crew was on Zou but never mentioned why. And now he is bought up by the Kaido Pirates as they are searching for him. We know Momonosuke is important somehow as Law mentioned he was one of the three cards alongside Caesar Clown.

Kinemon Zou

This must mean the two are important to Kaido if it affects Doflamingo’s operations. Now I noted that Momonosuke remained in his dragon form the whole time we saw him on Zou.

Could it possibly be to hide his identity?

What the hell is going on and how is Kinemon involved with Kaido and Zou?

Zou Kanjuro

Raizo, Kanjuro and Kinemon along with Momonosuke left Wano for a specific purpose I believe and this is all linked with the plot in Zou. I thought it was just too convenient for Kinemon and Kanjuro to leave the Straw-Hats right upon entering Zou. I always felt they were fishy and this just proves it. They are another key point to this plot in order to understand what exactly is going on.



So it was 2 weeks ago that Sanji and crew arrived on the island… At the time it doesn’t seem to have been destroyed as it is now which means whatever Jack did must have occurred whilst they were on the island.

It is safe to assume they won’t be dead. Oda can’t kill half the team obviously but Wanda flinched at Sanji’s name. So they must have got to know one another in those two weeks.

Perhaps Caesar Clown used one of his abilities to make it seem like the Straw-Hats are dead.

It was also around two weeks ago Jack planned to rescue Doflamingo so clearly he couldn’t have remained long on the island and with such an important task at hand, I don’t see him returning any time soon to Zou. I do not think he is going to appearing any time soon but perhaps near the end of this arc as the main antagonist.


I hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much I enjoyed writing it. I just had to share all my thoughts and this is the form I am best at, in putting my thoughts down. I know it is a long read but do read everything because I have packed it tight with a lot of information. I would make a TL;DR for it, if I wasn’t so lazy and exhausted.