Existential Crisis 2.0

A short sequel to the original Existential Crisis:


What is our place in this world? This timeline of humans that lasted but a blink of an eye in the existence of the Universe. How everything means so much in our finite lives.

Who is to say that our existence is pointless due to its early expiry date and who can say that our beauty is in our numbered moments? How does one decide which side to take, which road of understanding to walk down?

All of creation could be an extremely rare odd in the game of dice of probabilities and possibilities. It could be a ruthlessly intentional existence or it could be an advanced computer simulation, one of many millions, running to calculate the odds of life in a universe that exists outside of our purposefully simulated reality.

Living each day on the horizon of new found technologies and freshly explored portions of our corner of the Universe. Taking our baby steps onto the threshold of our future and what awaits the rest of mankind. Tucked away, primitive but hopeful.

Boundless in our imaginings yet restricted from ever knowing more…

ASJ moon


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