At the end of episode 2 we finished off with the capture of the Cyborg Gorilla from House of Evolution and I thought this whole mad scientist arc will last a while. I was highly mistaken.


So we got a backstory for the bad guy. It was very interesting to say the least and was told at a very nice pace as to allow the audience to get a feel for this character without getting bored at any point. The character was very well thought out and I loved the concept of a scientist who wants to explore more in the name of scientist but is shut down and wants revenge against humanity.

Here we have something similar. The dude got old but then managed to find a way to make himself younger and also create many clones to speed up his work. I say the guy is a genius for these two feats alone. He however now has a deep hatred for humanity and believes they no longer deserve to live as a more evolved species should take over.

So that’s pretty much the mad scientist for you in a nut shell.

The funny thing is, the whole story is told by the Cyborg Gorilla they were interrogating and it seems even he has gone over the word count as neatly observed by Genos. He is making such a good apprentice.



With this being such a huge task at hand, trying to take down an evil mad scientist and his operation, I thought there would be some planning involved and what not. Instead, the decision is made to go on that very day.

The reason?

Well there is some huge sale going on the following day (Saturday) and Saitama has no plans to miss it.



Realising just how strong this Saitama fellow is, the mad scientist decided to unleash his strongest creation which draws gasps from all of his copies. So clearly this beast will be strong and dangerous. We go get the meet the ugly thing and he’s also very arrogant.



He burns it down in one shot. This was like a “WHOA!” scene. Like, take it easy bud. The bad guys had set up a level by level set-up in the form of a tower so that Genos and Saitama would have to work their way up, much like a video game style setting.

To be fair, Genos did want to get things done quicker and suggested flying, only to realise Saitama cannot actually fly. He was reprimanded for saying something so stupid. After all, Saitama is just a ‘normal’ human.

So yeah… Genos burned the whole tower down and for a moment, I thought the fight was all over, just like that. It’s hard to predict what will happen in this show because there are no rules it seems.



The basement remained intact and the two made their way down to face off against Kabuto. Genos decides to take the lead but is swatted in one punch, despite all his heroics. Do we have a new ‘One Punch Man’ over here? Well, technically he is a monster so I guess he can’t have that title.

The scene is hilarious as ‘Try-Hard’ Genos has his hair puff out and he looks a right mess as he explains to Saitama how sorry he is for letting him down.

They enter a “hyperbolic space chamber” (DBZ) like room to fight in, as to not destroy the environment. That is so thoughtful of this Kabuto monster. I thought he was just a simple minded beast.

They get ready to fight and with an instance of the battle, Kabuto is completely shocked. He got scared without attacking Saitama because he physically felt the bloodlust from the bald-headed hero and even he is like; ‘WTF is this guy?’ and this is all without a single punch landed. Having said that, it only takes a single punch thought right?



He asks Saitama for his secret. Kabuto, the mad scientist and Genos stand there waiting. Genos is super shocked that it would be so simple to get Saitama’s secret out of him. It’s like the moment of truth although he isn’t sure if the secret should be revealed in front of the bad guys.

Saitama gets all serious and explains how he did it.

It takes determination and 100 of each of the following; push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Like no matter how hard, you just do it.He makes it seem like it is the most difficult thing with his arms breaking upon attempting to do so and I was actually buying it.

He also mentions running 10km a day and that makes sense as well… It was when he mentioned not using the heating/air condition in the winter/summer with the notes ‘Save Money’ did I realise it was all a farce.

I have to admit, it did motivate me to start working out for a day or so.

Genos is the first to call him out claiming its bullshit and those are just the things everybody should do to stay fit. Kabuto laughs at Saitama and suddenly thinks he can beat the guy. He goes through a DBZ style powerup and explains he must be defeated or else he will go on a 7 rampage; from today until the following Saturday.



Saitama goes into a moment of shock and confusion as he tries to make sense of the situation. All the while Kabuto is kicking his ass much the audience’s surprise. I actually thought he was getting hurt in all of this.

And then suddenly a moment of pure rage and Kabuto’s head explodes. Saitama realised its Saturday and he’s missed the sale. That’s how broke the poor guy is. The mad scientist cannot believe a human can be at such a level and is left bewildered.

Genos realises they still have enough time to get to the sale and lifts Saitama out of his misery like good side-kicks do.