This is when most shows usually start to improve or if they’ve had a great start, they start to fade. One Punch Man, despite having a great start seems to continue that climb up.

Another great episode to go alongside the first three.



This one introduced a crew of lazy thugs who just didn’t feel like working anymore. They had this idea that only those that want to work should work and those that didn’t should be provided with a means to live. So this is their idea of ‘Paradise’ hence the name they’ve given themselves.

Kind of reminds of the situation in Britain in regards to certain lazy bastards who just can’t seem to be bothered to earn for a living. But I’m not going to start throwing my political views around whilst reviewing One Punch Man. That would be such a bad idea.

So these guys are trying to either copy the military in all using the same uniform look, or the neo-Nazi’s with their bald heads and black attire. Their leader is a former ‘B-Class’ criminal. Not sure how significant that is considering he’s below ‘A’ and ‘S’. However he does seem to possess power provided by the armour suits they have stolen and he does have command. Unfortunately for him, his subordinates are dumb as rocks.

They have a plan to take down the tower/home of the richest man in the city to make a claim of threat but somehow they manage to take down the wrong building which happens to be a mile away from the actual building. The building in question is actually titled the golden turd because it has a golden turd at the top. The strangest thing ever.

They seem like a sad bunch of rookie’s. Saitama wouldn’t have even bothered if he hadn’t realised all bald men were being mistaken for this terrorist group. Being a hero for fun suddenly became a problem as Saitama cannot help the fact he is completely bald. This became vital to his choice of lifestyle so he ‘had’ to do something about it.



So the scientist professor guy who created Genos can make him even stronger apparently and he reckons Genos can even surpass this ‘Saitama’ fella. As if… right…? Right?

Imagine Genos getting strong enough to compete with Saitama and Saitama got to stop his apprentice. That shit is gonna be real as hell! (Sorry, been listening to rap music all morning so it affects my lingo language)

I really like Genos and I enjoy his relationship with Saitama. He is a very smart guy and knows how to deal with Saitama’s impulsive and strange behaviour. Considering this is the guy Genos looks up to and this dude is straight up “whacked”, Genos does very well to keep his sanity.



So we meet this cool guy who rides a bike and is a local hero. I thought he would be cool as fuck! I thought he was going to pull out some BMX tricks to defeat the lot before Saitama made it there or he would struggle against the big lad and Saitama would help him out recruiting him to the team. Instead one of the guy’s steps forward and takes him out with one hit; totally unexpected and totally hilarious.

It was equally hilarious that he got credited with defeating the Paradiser’s at the end of the day, simply because he’s the only one who was witnessed taking them on and is a registered hero.



Now this guy is cool, charismatic and confident. His skills are amazing and I loved the animation that came with his fighting style. A true ninja that shits all over the shit we had in Naruto. Sorry no offence to Naruto fans but this is what I think when I hear the word NINJA!

So he approached these “Paradisers” considering he had a contract to protect the Lord-ling who lived in the Golden Turd. The guy absolutely annihilated the bald-headed crew, decapitating them one after the other in a blur.

Their leader, the ‘B-Class’ criminal was dumbstruck but was adamant on showing what these battle suits were made of and using his enormous strength, he decided to set-up a trap for the ninja by placing huge rocks all around Sonic,

to stop him from running around. What he didn’t realise is that Sonic was so fast, even a direct attack couldn’t be stopped.

Fortunately for the thick-skulled idiot, he managed to escape with a kunai stuck in his head, thanks to his thick-skull. Unfortunately for him, he ran into Saitama who destroyed his suit with such ease that the bald-headed bastard made a run for it in his naked state.

Fortunately for him, Saitama let him live was because he was once like the guy and could have become like him. It was a second chance of sorts. Unfortunately, the guys he stole the battle-suit from found him and finished him off. Who are these guys and what’s the whole idea of letting him steal the suit for experimentation purposes?



Saitama runs into Sonic and this is where the fun starts. With Saitama being bald and all, it was obvious he would be mistaken for a Paradiser by Sonic and this is exactly what happened. What made it even funnier was the fact that Sonic had no idea who Saitama was.

It was then Saitama realised, nobody knew who he was. Can you imagine realising you’re an unkown hero? This was the highlight of the chapter. Sonic challenged Saitama who had no intention to fight. Despite the incredible skill Sonic possessed, he was no match for Saitama.

The accidental punch to the balls was hilarious and very well animated, it must be said. The slow motion made me cringe but it was satisfying at the same time. It’s hard to explain.

With this feat, we now have a rival for our Saitama but from the looks of things, he will end up rivalling Genos for Senpai Saitama’s attention.