The Preparation:

Ever since my first dose of cosplay at the MCM in Manchester, back in July, I couldn’t wait to step into gear again. Unfortunately I had to miss out on the trip to London but I’m all geared up for Birmingham and raring to go.

Despite cosplaying as Sokka and Katara in July, my sister and I wanted to improve on our previous efforts and live up to the true potential of representing both ‘Team Avatar’ and the ‘Water Tribe’.

A picture taken by other cosplayers at the event.

The first time around it was more than just an experience but it was only meant to be testing the waters. Now we’re going in to thoroughly enjoy it. It was my sister’s first taste of comic-con in July and she hadn’t known what to expect or make of it.

This time, she can’t contain her excitement. I’m not sure if she’s managed any sleep all week.

We’ve been shopping to improve her costume, putting things together, working on props in the evenings after school/work. I can honestly say the experience leading up the day is just as amazing as the day itself as that joy and excitement is running wild throughout the days leading up to the con.

We’ve got our hands sticky with glue and papier-mâché; we’ve got the kitchen table covered in newspaper and paint. It’s such a thrilling experience and I would recommend to all who can get the opportunity to take it.


2 days to go…

The Sleeping Geeks team will be at the Birmingham MCM Comic-Con on Saturday 21st of November and we will have my sister and me cosplaying as Katara and Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Our very own Lime will be dressed in a Sleeping Geeks sweater he designed himself and will be going around taking pretty pictures of all you amazing people at the show. The beautiful Bronze will be accompanying him as his escort.

If you see us as the con, don’t be shy in approaching us and having your pictures taken. Lime can be pretty handy with the camera and why not use his service when you’ve got the opportunity.

I hope to see many people at this year’s MCM Birmingham and the many that will come following this. Have fun; stay safe and party on dudes!