This week’s episode was quite the revelation and I mean that literally. They revealed so many new heroes and although some were peculiar, I can’t wait to learn more about them.


Silver Fang School

So this Silver Fang fellah has a school where he teaches kids his fighting style, which I must say looks hella cool. Although his only remaining student is crap because his prodigy student went out of control and got his ass kicked by his teacher and now he’s on a rampage kicking the asses of his fellow student’s out of anger.

Kinda reminds me of the story with the bad guy in Kung Fu Panda. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Saitama would sure love meeting him.

Reptile Comet

Like usual we had another villain show up ready to destroy the earth. This one was like a Godzilla and he wanted to take over the earth just like the rest of the monsters. I mean like what the hell is it with earth? Why does everybody want to take over? I know it’s a beautiful world and the current world leaders are a bunch of idiots and even a reptile could do a better job at running it but still, I don’t really get it.

Anyways, the little green haired chick was sent out to deal with him. The guy didn’t take her seriously, which she happens to hate and claimed only a meteor could take him out. I don’t think the guys met Saitama yet but that wasn’t needed as his prediction was correct, indeed a meteor did take him out. It just so happens to be the little green haired girl, who just so happens to be the second ranked amongst the S Class Heroes, is an ESP user. She called down a meteor to take him out. I guess the whole ESP works with the lining of stars and astronomy or what not so her being able to call down a frickin’ meteor is pretty normal.

Wait, do you think she’s the one who brought about the meteor that Saitama destroyed a few episodes ago and got stick for? Probably not but that would be quite the plot twist.


Meeting at Hero HQ

So they get a message that there is a huge threat coming and the Hero Association HQ people invite the S Class Heroes out for an emergency meeting. This is to do with that old lady dying after making some prediction about the world being in ‘trouble’. Apparently she never used the trouble before. Like what did she normally say? A misfortune?

Do you get it? A misfortune… because she’s a fortune tel- … yeah, never mind. It was a dad joke like my friend Bronze says. I tell a lot of those apparently, despite me not being a dad yet.

We had every single S Class Hero show up, besides Metal Knight Douche and you guessed it… Have you guessed it? You probably didn’t guess it but it’s the most cliché thing in these situations. It’s Blast, the guy who is ranked #1 in the S Class rankings.

Saitama is hilarious at the meeting. He ended up attending simply because Genos thought he should and he even gets into an interaction with the little green haired girl.


Sky King Attack

The Hero HQ is suddenly attacked and everybody inside is shocked because Saitama had just stated that this ‘in the next 6months’ might just be today or tomorrow and it looks like it’s the first.

So now we have this Sky King who wants to take over the world. What is it with these people weirdo creatures, always wanting to take over the world? Get a hobby why don’t you?

The attacks don’t do much as the HQ is impenetrable. It was designed by Douche Knight apparently. However this Sky King and his army of four are wiped out suddenly by a bigger enemy. The real enemy should I say and they get destroyed in seconds.

I really thought the King guy was interesting, Tank-Top guy is definitely the brother of those douche-bags and the kid is creepy and annoying. I’ll talk more about them in my follow up post.



Yes. We have aliens. The bigger enemy is this huge alien spaceship that destroyed 98% of City A and now all the heroes have to work together to defeat them. Quite interesting I have to say. Oh and I forgot to mention, Saitama simply broke out of the building, that was said to be impenetrable through the roof.

So there’s this weird ass alien thing that reminds me of the crazy parasyte from the anime Parasyte that has five people in one.

So we got some of these S-Class Heroes taking him on whilst the rest of them try to figure out how to take the ship down which is apparently too high for anyone to attack. I found this really weird but Genos isn’t worried because Saitama is on the case.


Finding the Boss

Saitama is kicking ass, one alien at a time. And he’s wondering where the hell the boss is. And the boss is this weird ass looking fellah sitting on a chair. He has no idea what’s in store for him does he?


Overall a pretty great episode. Not as great as the previous two but can an episode of One Punch Man not be great?

Overall, I give it an 8. Could have been better I think, felt it needed a bit more Saitama to be honest.