Oh boy, I’ve been waiting for this movie for a while now; and by a while, I mean going on 15 years. Ever since the first X-Men movie was released. I know I was only 10 years old at the time but you don’t understand, X-Men was one of my greatest loves and I loved the Apocalypse story best of all. It just had the mystic madness and chaos that I loved. Finally we are getting the movie and finally, I got to see a good glimpse of the movie with this fantastic trailer.

And now, it’s time to break it down!


So we start off with a figure of a girl I believe who is walking through an X door, similar to the door that leads to the ‘Cerebro’ room. That’s what I think and then a few quick flashing images where we see some destruction, a bit more destruction, something that reminded me of the eye of Sauron which I believe was the globe on fire and more destruction yet again. I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s the end of the world and combine it with the glyphs we get to see, it’s Apocalypse.

Jean reckons it’s the end of the world and the guy who can use his powers to see into her mind tells her it’s just a dream. I reckon he should go with Jean on this one. I think it’s the end of the world hence why the movie is called Apocalypse but if he wants to hold onto false hopes, I guess he’s going to find out how wrong he is.

I think I’m going to like Sophie Turner as Jean although I still got a lot of Sansa Stark vibes off of her. I guess you can’t help it. She is such a good Sansa Stark that you can’t shake it off. And I love how she’s not buying it from Charles.


So we get to see the man himself, if we can call him a man. He’s more of an ancient being, or what he likes to call himself… A GOD! Well he does have an ancient godly name; “En Sabah Nur” which translates to ‘The Morning Light’ in Arabic. I guess in some context that would mean ‘The First One’ as he often known as. The morning light is the first thing in the day.

So yeah, this being is claimed to be the first ever mutant and the cults out there that worship his arrival believe the mutants are a sign of god and he is ‘the god’.

This guy claims he is known by many names such as the Hindu Gods Ram and Krishna along with the ancient Israeli God; Yahweh. It’s quite interesting but doesn’t explain Jesus, Bhudda or the rest of the deity’s that are claimed to exist. And the people of the world are his children apparently. All I can say is, either he’s very old or he’s been a busy man. I think it’s probably the first of the two.

I would like to point out that I don’t like the voice. Nothing against the actor who’s playing him because that’s who the casting team have chosen but I think they should have used the heavy, scary voice that has been associated with Apocalypse through the different variants of the animated series. They’ve got the visuals correct and I loved the scene where Charles tries to attack him and he pins Professor X down whilst growing to his enormous size. That was bad-ass but unfortunately, that voice isn’t doing it for me.

I almost forgot to mention; he wants to destroy the world and make a new one although you would have figured it out without me or he mentioning it.



One of my favourite things about the Apocalypse Saga is the ‘Four Horsemen’. I love the concept in any format but I love it best in the X-Men. There have been many variants of these in the comics and animated series but it’s confirmed that they will be going with:





That is one hell of team! Can you imagine having such powerful mutants as your acolytes; especially Storm and Magneto who are highly overpowered with their mutant abilities? They could bring about the destruction of the world on their own.

Havok mentions that he’s taken that from the Bible before he is corrected that the bible probably took it from Apocalypse because he is ‘the end of the world’.


You’re probably wondering where the X-Men come into this. Who am I kidding? Of course you know… They’re the ones who are going to stop the Apocalypse.

Mystique seems to be leading them and the rest of the team is comprised of;




Jean Grey




I’m really glad we get to see more of Quicksilver and I loved Nightcrawler and Jubilee’s looks; I think they’ve got it spot on. Cyclops mentioned how they haven’t really learnt to control their powers to which Mystique replies there is no need. I think that’s well cool because they’re in a position where its life or death, or as she puts it, they’re at war so you pretty much don’t need to control your powers; you just use it and try to win.



There was that scene I mentioned where he was being crushed and the one I didn’t mention where Magneto pulled his wheelchair away from his allies. I think I can say this without too much of a risk of being wrong that once again, Charles Xavier is going to go through the worst of it.

The final scenes were focused on Xavier. There is a point where he’s got Cerebro on his head and his eyes are turning black. It freaked me out a little because of the whole black eyes being associated with demons and all (blame Supernatural).

However in the final scene Charles is in his wheelchair and he’s completely bald. We finally have our Professor X.



Although I wished to see a bit more, I think there will be a lot of surprises in the movies and I reckon they’ll conclude it well. ‘First Class’ was great and ‘Days of Future Past’ was pretty damn good as well so I have no reason to doubt it; as long as I don’t think about ‘The Last Stand’.

Overall a good trailer to what should be an amazing movie. Please don’t let me down Bryan Singer.