12 Days of Anime Christmas 2015: Day One

12 days of anime christmas wallpaper

So I just realised there’s exactly 12 days until Christmas if you include Christmas day considering Christmas doesn’t end until the 26th of December.

Now this 12 Days of Christmas thing was something I enjoyed taking part in back when the original blog started in 2013, two years ago. I feel it’s time to go back to our roots and take part in such events, and for that reason alone, I have decided to join in the 12 Days of Anime Christmas experience. It was more out of impulse than anything but those of you who know me will know that’s just how I work and that’s how this blog came to exist.

I’m simply going to talk about my most enjoyable moments in anime this year and I might get some of the team to take part in it as well.

Steins Gate Christmas

For DAY NUMBER ONE, I recall a scene from Steins Gate.

This is a SPOILER and there will be spoilers in this series so please stop reading at this point if you don’t want anything to be spoiled for you. You have been WARNED!

It’s the scene where Okabe comes to realise that should he succeed in his mission to save Mayuri would directly result in Kurisu dying as they would return to the original world line. That moment of helplessness he feels as he looks into Kurisu’s eyes, the one who has been his partner in all of this, the one who he trusts the most. When he actually realises that he’s been doing all this, only to lose the girl he has fallen so deeply in love with. But to not go through with it would mean losing his most favourite person in the world and closest friend, Mayuri.

I just loved everything about this anime and I only got around to watching it this year. For me, that scene was brilliant and really got to me.


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