Although its already World Otaku Day in some parts of the world, it is a sad day for anime fans and otaku’s around the globe.

It has been announced that next Sunday will mark the final episode of One Punch Man this season. No more Saitama on our screens in the foreseeable future until Madhouse develop a second season; which may take more than a year it has been rumoured. Some people even claimed it would take five years. I seriously hope not but rumours can be so cruel sometimes.

End of one Punch Man

I don’t know about you but One Punch Man really grew on me very quickly and I don’t think I can survive on One Piece alone every week anymore. I need my Sunday Hero! I need Saitama!

I guess it leaves me no choice but to use that time to become a hero myself. It’s time to don the capes guys and gals, let’s make Saitama proud and become Superheroes for fun.

It doesn’t take much.

All you got to do is 100 Push-ups, 100 Squats, 100 Sit-ups and a 10Km run every day, eat 3 meals and don’t use any form of heating or air conditioning to make life easier. You just deal with whatever comes your way and become stronger.

Grab yourselves a yellow spandex suit, a white cape and make sure your hair falls out through natural means.

One Punch Man Ending

We can do this guys! I believe in you! I WANNA BE A SAIKYOU HEROOOOOOOOOOO!


N.B: It would be advisable to pick up the manga from here on out considering it is amazing apparently and I don’t think anybody will be able to live without our daily dose of ‘Hero’ for too long without suffering from incurable depression.