Day 2 of the 12 days of Anime Christmas and I’m spending the day watching Cowboy Bebop as I have yet to complete it. Although I’m only 9 episodes in, I already have a scene that will stay in memory for a long time in this show. It’s in the episode titled Ballad of Fallen Angels. If you’re a fan of the show, you will already know what I am talking about.


Ballad of Fallen Angels is the fifth episode in the show and the first that made me realise what an amazing anime Cowboy Bebop truly is.

A quote from the episode:

“When angels are forced out of heaven, they become devils. You agree, don’t you Spike?”

— Vicious

“I’m just watching a bad dream I never wake up from.”

— Spike Spiegel

“I’ll wake you up right now.”

— Vicious

I don’t know the whole truth behind Vicious and Spike but the flashback where we see the rose falling into the pool; that was enough for me to know it is pretty damn cool, whatever it is and I can’t wait to find out.

The scene involves Vicious and Spike fighting in a church at night. There is a lot of gunfire and at the end they’re both battling it out on a balcony before a stainglass window. Vicious pushes him through and as Spike falls, images of his life flash before him eyes with an amazing piece of music playing in the background. What a beautiful and perfect scene.

And because I am so awesome, feel free to watch it below: