For those of you that STILL don’t know that today is World Otaku Day, I think its time to inform you and everybody else. I know some people around the world get a lot of stick for being Otaku’s and what not but I don’t think there is anything wrong with using to associate yourself with an obsession for Japanese Culture and Anime.

So what are you waiting for? Get celebrating already!


Simply wish everybody you know who is deep down an ‘Otaku’ true and through a Happy World Otaku Day. Also share the message across to all your friends and family. Use every social network known to man, dog and aliens. We cannot let another year of this holiday go unnoticed. It’s time to let the world know we exist and that World Otaku Day is 100% real!

Happy World Otaku Day 2015(credit to LegendaryRey for the original image)


For those of you that have blogs, you should make a post answering the legendary:



You can also write about how you became an Otaku. Here’s my story of how things got started for me:

Becoming an Otaku: Chapter One

Becoming an Otaku: Chapter Two

I still need to get around to completing this series. I’ll be honest, I forgot all about it but now that I’ve recalled, I shall continue with Chapter Three soon.