Zoldyck Christmas.jpg

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me… And by true love, I’m referring to anime, my true love in life.

I guess it’s time to dwell back into the pool of memories and bring about another memorable anime moment from the year and present it to you guys.

Hunter X Hunter was an anime I stopped watching a while ago due to a reason I cannot remember. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy it, I guess I just got busy with life and postponed it. I did however, complete it now.

The moment I want to mention here is when Killua pushes Nanika away which is the other personality that lives within Alluka. He does so with great regret but feels it’s the only way to save Alluka from Illumi and the whole scene is so difficult to watch as you realise how innocent Nanika actually is.

After shedding many tears, the once fearful face of Nanika now looks innocent and kawaii. Alluka is shown to reveal anger for the first upon her brother at his treatment of Nanika and only then does he realise the mistake he almost committed. Killua apologizes and hugs Nanika and for me, that scene was beautiful.

Here is an AMV you can enjoy based on Killua’s relationship with Alluka and Nanika.