Samurai Champloo

The main reason to watch this in English is to enjoy the excellence that is Steve Blume as Mugen. Mugen, one of three main characters, has pretty well developed character that experience many emotions throughout the series, in between knucklehead moments starting fights. Also Fuu and Jin aren’t slouches and combined with the hip hop soundtrack, this anime is better in its dubbed version.

Yu Yu Hakusho

This classic fighting anime gets the nod for its dubbed version because of the diversity in voices. Between the gruff Kuwabara and the tough Genkai there is much to distance the English cast from their Japanese counterparts. Chris Sabat does a great job doing an iconic voice over for the tough but kind hearted Kuwabara.

Cowboy Bebop

There’s only one thing better than Cowboy Bebop’s soundtrack, storytelling, characters and episodic flow and that’s its voice acting. With great talent in all main cast members, Steve Blume once again steals the show. Dishing out an ever so cool voice for our protagonist Spike, it might not be hard to say the man does no wrong.

Digimon Adventure

The digidestined were a group of kids thrown into a crazy unknown world and were told to save it. They had to grow up fast but that didn’t mean they had to sound like adults. One of the better dubbed anime in terms of voice acting not including overall editing, where children sounded like children and the digimon voices were as diverse and wacky as their personalities.

Devil May Cry

Dante is better in English, not a knock against Japanese or anything but it’s just smoother that way. From the games to the anime adaption Dante’s cockiness goes over better in english than it would in subtitles.


If there ever was a Voice Actor and Anime Character to ever become known as one and the same it would be Chris Sabat and Vegeta. The Prince of Saiyans is a fan favorite and his english dubbed voice may have something to do with making him seem so damn cool.


BTW if I missed an anime or two or if you feel differently about any of my choices feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject.