It’s the fourth day. I’ve had a pretty decent day waiting up for the latest One Piece chapter and I’m in the One Piece mood today so I guess my anime moment of the day should reflect upon it.

Now although I had read this moment in the manga, viewing it was a whole different ball game due to the fact comedy is always better viewed rather than read.

The anime moment of the day goes to the one and only, LAO G!

This old man is seriously tough and one of Doflamingo’s trusted team-members, being the oldest of the lot. He went up toe-to-toe against Don Chinjao, the legendary pirate and Happou Navy leader, who just happens to be a user of the King’s Haki.

It didn’t faze Lao G though and the old man took him on without too much trouble. However, there was that moment when he nearly died. Now this isn’t what you think. This is something completely different.

You see, Lao G is very old and he went through that moment a lot of old people do where they stand still a while and the light shines for them. Lao G found himself drifting into the hereafter whilst in the middle of the fight, whilst his opponent got involved in some family drama involving Sao Chinjao and Baby-5 who were planning on getting together.

The whole fiasco was good to watch as there was drama, romance and comedy involved whilst we got action in between as well.

Although Lao G faced defeat in the end, he gave us an entertaining episode thanks to his death-defying antics.