12371222_10205319636693695_3471111281523462958_oHello bloggers! It has been a long time I know I know, but unfortunately I have been finding it difficult to balance my work life and free time. But now that all of that is sorted, I’m back with a new project called the “Moleskine art book project”!

“What is that?” you may ask! Unless you do not already know, it’s a newish trend from illustrators and art enthusiasts which entails the artist to open a Moleskine notebook and draw (or paint) across both pages.

I stumbled upon this quirky and totally kawaii (yes i said it) way of drawing from an instagram profile. A freelance Brazilian illustrator  with the most AMAZING talent had a whole profile filled with his Moleskine art work. His name is Gabriel Picolo (instagram: @_picolo). Check him out, he is AWESOME! Right now he is my biggest inspiration in terms of art style.

The way in which I start exploring an art style is from imitation (only at first of course). So that is what I have decided to do for my first post. Everything after this post is going to be 100% original.

I hope you enjoy 🙂 xo