I haven’t reviewed the past few chapters as I didn’t really have much to say but I think enough has occurred now for me to share my opinion. There is still a lot of mystery but I like where this may be heading.


The Curly Hat Pirates



We finally get to see Jack in his true form and we get to see the whole head to toe waist. Firstly, the guy is huge. Not as huge as some but normal big like the normal big people we have in the series who just so happen to be big and don’t require an explanation. Moving on from that, we can finally confirm for certain, it isn’t Captain Morgan despite the grill on his face, but then again, that was pretty much a given and it was the most ridiculous theory going.

It’s also confirmed he possesses the rare ancient zou zoan fruit which confirms the theories he has the mammoth devil fruit. And also, I would like to add, this guy is a beast. I mean he holds a one billion beri bounty on his head for goodness sake, the highest we have seen so far by a huge margin.

And I love his weird swords, because they look so damn cool. They seem curved and twisted like tusks of a mammoth. I love it!


The battle was quite badass from the flashbacks we have seen. The Minks were fighting day and night with the two different factions lead by Inuarashi (Dog Storm) and Nekomamushi (Cat Viper).

Inuarashi seems to be a swordsdog whilst Nekomamushi I believe uses some sort of cool looking staff as a weapon.

This battle lasted five long days… FIVE DAYS! That’s pretty crazy if you ask me and despite the two factions switching back and forth, Jack remained fighting for five days without any trouble at all; no sign of exhaustion it’s claimed. Just how strong is this guy?

I love how Bepo and the Heart Pirates also joined the battle to help out the Minks. We see there’s quite a few more members here and even a female has garnered a lot of attention.

The Minks were getting the upper hand despite lots of Kaidou reinforcements arriving. It shows that the natives of Zou are actually very strong however the problem arose when Caesar Clown’s gas was used to end the battle as Jack grew bored. This shows Jack is no honourable pirate. Despite claiming he was glad to find an opponent worthy of fighting, he gave up after five days of war.



The reason for the arrival of Jack is simple but confusing at the same time. He’s looking for the Wano County ninja-warrior known as Raizou. All we know is, this guy is a friend of Kinemon and Kanjuro and there is something very fishy going on here and Kinemon is hiding it from the Strawhats. I don’t know what it is, I could speculate but that’s all it would be, a speculation.

I think they have stolen something that belongs to Kaidou or know a secret of some sort. I remember Law mentioning Momonosuke was one of the three cards they possess, so I believe this has something to do with the little guy but that’s all I can say for now.

The Minks don’t know shit about this Raizou ninja but Jack doesn’t give a shit and tortures them to the brink of death. It was only when the news of Doflamingo’s capture arrived that Jack left them alone but until then, he wreaked havoc on Zou.



I don’t know what secrets Zou holds and what importance revolves around it in regards to the future of the One Piece story but there was some sort of foreshadowing here where it was claimed that Inuarashi and Nekomumashi must survive at all costs for the sake of the world. I believe there must be some sort of prophecy regarding the land of Zou much like the prophecy regarding Skypeia and Fishman Island.

I am now certain a poneglyph will be discovered here and some light will be shed upon all of this mystery surrounding the moving island.


I remember on Sabaody when it was mentioned that Zoro is so strong he is a captain in his own right and for him to be following Luffy, what does that say about Luffy? As in how great is Luffy… Similarly, Luffy mentioned that someone like Jack is an underling to Kaido, which speaks volumes about Kaido.

Jack, as we have witnessed, is very strong and doesn’t have much patience. He’s reckless and volatile in my opinion and to think he answers to someone else is difficult to imagine. We don’t know much about Kaido yet but there is a lot more to him than we can even imagine.



I will rate this chapter a 7. It wasn’t amazing or anything but I did enjoy the read and the visuals of the fighting were great. You can’t expect much from a backstory apart from story progression and we got plenty of that despite the teasing and foreshadowing.