Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special Review

*Warning Hello Sweetie.. Spoilers!*


Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special

Yay! River Song is back. The perfect way to help the Doctor not move on but laugh again after losing Clara, even though he is unaware of what he has lost I am certain that there is a sadness in him that even he does not understand the root of. I mean even the TARDIS sensed it which is why it holographically projected a pair of antlers on his head!

Having the comedians was a nice touch, the perfect amount of humour for a cosy Christmas special that kids and adults alike could enjoy, which I’m sure the majority of people did. And a good story in general with enough suspense and more than enough action, which is the usual formula for when the Doctor and River come together.


I can’t believe that she didn’t recognise him.. Especially after the ‘I am the Doctor’ line but I guess after all that had happened it’s not the first thing to come to mind but it would definitely make me think twice. Also the fact that her last entry was from when she was in Manhattan really opened up some old wounds and just made us realise the depth of her sadness in that point of her life. In a sense she had lost everyone that she had.


What surprised me was Rivers attitude to having husbands! If I had fallen in love with and married the 11th version of the Doctor ( Mr Matt Smith šŸ™‚ ) I would never look at another man! Don’t care what anyone says.. I wouldn’t mope around when he would be gone but I couldn’t see myself doing what she did, ahem we’re speaking all hypothetically of course. But I completely understand when she starts to speak of how she calls herself insignificant compared to the Doctor and why would he ever care what became of her. I can understand that form of insecurity and she was quite sincere in her belief of it.

Alas though, it seems that this is the last of River Song we will see. A lot of effort has gone into closing her chapter, I don’t see them bringing her back. All in all it was a good episode and a nice stroll down memory lane. River Song, you will not be forgotten..

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2 responses to “Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special Review

  1. I’m not a Doctor Who fan.

    But this episode was actually fantastic. I caught it on an off chance with little else to do. It was on, so I was watching it. You nailed it when you said River Song will not be forgotten, she was an utterly brilliant character!

    Peter Capaldi was phenomenal in this. His performance was stunning and I really enjoyed the stars who lined this show. All in all, this has been my favourite Doctor Who episode to date – Unless we go to Tom Baker era.

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    • I’m glad you liked it.. I’m a die hard fan but I know that they’ve definitely had some bad episodes! And yeh Capaldi is doing very well, I hope people give him a chance but he has more than proved himself!

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