This is it, the final episode of One Punch Man – Season One. I’m going to miss it. Let’s see what we learnt from the final episode. Was it a good ending or did it leave something missing.


There was no messing around with this episode. It broke straight into the fight that had barely started the previous episode and oh my lord this fight was amazing.

The visuals to this fight were the greatest I have ever seen. There was no time wasting with great speeches and declaration of attacks. It was straight up action as Boros went ‘ham’ upon Saitama with an onslaught of attack after attack. It was mesmerizing. Boros wasn’t just another monster in the universe; this guy was a GOD! His power-ups were a delight to watch.

He had enough strength to destroy the earth and I loved how he kept powering up further and further until eventually he sent Saitama to the moon. THAT SHIT WAS AWESOME!

But you know what was even more amazing? SAITAMA JUMPING BACK TO EARTH! HOW COOL WAS THAT?

I know I’m having my fan-boy moments here but even Saitama was surprised by it and that just made my day. It is obvious even Saitama doesn’t know what he is truly capable of.

This was the first fight that took more than Once Punch from Saitama to end. The guy actually had regeneration powers and even the consecutive normal punches couldn’t finish him off. Eventually Saitama had to use to something from his ‘Serious Series’ known as the ‘Serious Punch’. This shit; you couldn’t make it up unless you were the guy who wrote the show.

I loved the fact they combined the opening theme with the fight so it was rolled into one with the music and the fighting. Really well executed and gave us more footage in the final episode by removing the animation of the opening.

We saw another side to Saitama this fight as he showed honour in defeating his opponent actually acknowledging Boros as a worthy opponent just as Boros had done to Saitama, claiming it was a close fight. Boros however knew that Saitama hadn’t even used his full strength in the fight and he was completely outmatched despite being the strongest opponent to date. Saitama even acknowledged this after the fight, speaking to Genos.



She is mega strong, that’s all I can say and her power is over-powered. Not Saitama level, I know but still, what an amazing ability. Made the rest look completely useless compared to her, especially the Tank-Top guy.

She cannot understand that Saitama is always everywhere around her despite the fact he is only a B-Rank. She doesn’t want to believe he is actually very strong. Perhaps she is just being ignorant but he did come out of the enemy ship and it finally crashing down was definitely not her work; I think she was aware of that also.

I guess Genos calling his ‘Sensei’ should say something but no, she still wanted to argue and when Saitama told Genos to handle it, that moment totally cracked me up. Unfortunately for Saitama, Tatsumaki is way too strong for someone like Genos.

I can’t wait for the day when she actually realises how strong Saitama truly is. At this moment in time, only Boros has had some indication to Saitama’s true power.


The bastard showed up at the last minute, only to retreive the alien technology to further his power. I guess he did help rebuild Hero HQ but still… I don’t like the guy, perhaps its because Genos was told he is the enemy. Perhaps he is the cyborg that Genos was searching for; the one who destroyed everything he loved.


The Handsome A-Rank Hero showed up late and criticizes the rest for not doing enough to save “City A”, despite them letting him know City A was destroyed before they had time to react as they were in a meeting. Yet Amai Masaku believes that they should have somehow managed to save the city, despite it all.

He goes as far as saying that they’re all disappointments and that they should all resign as S Class Heroes; the nerve of the guy after they managed so much.

He claims that he believes in justice and that he remains as top ranked in A Class so that nobody worthless can be promoted. Even Genos has disappointed him.


I give this episode a 10/10 simply because of the amazing fight scene in the beginning and even after that, the plot only thickened when pretty-boy model-hero arrived and we saw a dark side to him that we knew existed but hadn’t seen. And the comedy was as good as ever, especially the ending when he goes full circle and gets upset at defeating monsters in a single punch again.


I don’t know where this is going to go but I’m going to have to start reading the manga because ONE PUNCH MAN has been so damn good. I hate to say goodbye but I have no idea when the anime will start again for Season Two.