Sup? This is Auzora here and this time I’ve tried to do something different. Hope you guys will enjoy it.


What’s your reaction when you are watching an amazing anime and something awesome happens?

Is it something like:

“Wow! Hats Off to the person who made this anime” or “The creator of this anime had a mind-blowing thinking.”

If YES then you’re quite like me ( Hi-five!!)

Earlier I used to think that being a mangaka must be such an honour. You are walking on the street on your way to the supermarket and you hear teens talking about the latest edition of your manga/anime. Then I thought about Death Note; my favourite anime. The person who must have written the light novel must be so proud!

Light and Kira

Wait What? I don’t actually know who is the maker of this anime regardless of the fact that it is my favourite!

This literally shocked me. Give it a second thought, think about all the Anime/Manga that you like. Do you know who wrote the story or who produced the animation?

In many cases, you don’t know. The more popular one’s you probably do but those that are not as famous, most probably not.

If you would be the one who made the manga then you would feel like crap.Because you are walking on the road. People are talking about your Manga/ Anime and no one even recognises you!


Let me prove my point through a small activity!
Take a stopwatch and set a timer for 1 minute.

Take a pen and start writing the names of all the manga that come to your mind at the moment once you have started the timer. (No Cheating!!!)

Once you’re done, count up the number of names.

Now do the same thing again but this time instead of writing the names of the manga, write the names of mangakas.

Once you’re done, just check compare the numbers in the first and the second part of the activity. Obviously, the number of the first one is higher!

If it’s not, then you are either too Awesome or Abnormal!

But in 95% + cases we see that 1 minute is more than enough to write the names the names of the very few mangakas you know.

For instance , look at my activty:

I could write the names of 15 mangas in a minute (I did know many more but I ran out of time). I know, it must be very less compared to many of you. But now, listen what happened when I did the second part of the activity.

I knew ONLY 1 mangaka! Such a shame! Anyways, now I know what to do.

Before reading a manga, I’m gonna check the name of the mangaka, at least for the sake of this post.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and performed the activity. Let me know the results!