Blog of the Day: 365 Challenge

For the New Year, the Sleeping Geeks team will be going through the 365 Challenge.


What is the 365 Challenge?

I knew you’d be asking that questions so I’m answering it for you, because I love to inform people.

So the 365 Challenge is putting up a blog post for every single day of the year. Doing it alone can be difficult but with self-discipline, it is very possible. I however have a team to work with so that allows us to work on other posts to go alongside with our 365 Challenge.

The 365 Challenge is based on daily prompts that were produced by the Daily Post in a downloadable PDF File to help you post every single day of the year. These are prompts that have been featured on the Daily Post in the past and many have already written about these very prompts so you can follow in their footsteps and compare.

In fact, why don’t you join the 365 Challenge this year with the Sleeping Geeks and we compare our posts on a daily basis and see how we differ in our writing and opinions having been given the very same prompt and title.

Mind you, some of these prompts are ridiculous and every so often, we do change the description of the prompt in order to make it more appealing to us as writers. Feel free to do the same.

Here is a link to download the 365 Challenge file.

Have fun posting in 2016 and make it the best blogging year yet!


9 responses to “Blog of the Day: 365 Challenge

  1. Sounds cool! Probably won’t be joining in because my blog has a focus (writing) that doesn’t fit in with all of the prompts, but it will certainly be cool to see you guys do this!

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  2. One of the other people on our blog just pointed me to this post! I think I’ll give it a go but I’m so scatter brained I’ll probably forget! Will enjoy reading what you all write!

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