Is this a Hoverboard???


It’s far from it…

Usually I don’t rant when it comes to technology but recently a product surfaced which just makes my blood boil. I have tried to ignore it but it is literally everywhere. It’s bad enough that I feel like this innovation is useless and it only serves to fuel a new lazier generation but now to add insult to injury, they’re calling it a hoverboard!

This is a hoverboard…

I know it’s not perfect but its a million times more accurately named than that abomination…

Before I sound like a hater… I want to say that it’s a really cool product and seeing people do some mind blowing tricks with it has restored my faith in humanity…and then you have the average guy rolling around town looking like a total pillock… I mean whats wrong with walking… it’s what our species has done from the beginning of time…

2015 was the year we were supposed to get an actual hoverboard… the hoverboard we all dreamed of when we were kids… guess the new generation will just have to settle for that… that thing on two wheels.

lets just hope 2016 isn’t the year where we still keep up with the Kardashians…

what would you call it?


8 responses to “IS THIS A HOVERBOARD?

  1. WELL SAID. I’m so sick of the fake hoverboards. Besides that, they’re extremely dangerous if you get the knock-off brands.


  2. I’m still hanging onto hope that we’ll have real hoverboards before I die. We’re already behind, people. October 21, 2015 was the deadline!


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