This past year for Sleeping Geeks was in the wrong direction. Rather than taking 3 steps forward, we took one forward and two steps back. It was unfortunate and the team got carried away and lost interest due to the struggles we experienced both in the world of blogging and managing real life problems.


What Went Wrong?

We decided to build upon the success of the first year and move on to self-hosting rather than relying on restraints put upon us by WordPress. There were many ideas that we had brainstormed and to follow them through we needed a self-hosted site.

The decision was rash and all the pros and cons were not even considered when the decision was made. I have a habit of going by impulse rather than thinking things through and this can sometimes work great for me as it stops me from procrastinating but at other times it can come back around and bite me in the ass. This was one of those ass-biting moments.


We initially wanted to start designing our own t-shirts and there were plenty of ideas on paper but we couldn’t get a shop running despite the work we put into the process. The whole self-hosting experience was difficult as the coding and themes were a lot more difficult to manage than I first anticipated and the plugins would never run as well I would have liked.


I soon realised that sometimes keeping things simple is more effective but I had paid for a whole year of self-hosting and I had switched across all my WordPress followers so I did not think it was a wise idea to switch is all back. I felt it would cause the blog to decline ever more considering the original switch had changed all the site’s URLs and half of our previous viewer base was lost because of the switch.

Whoever is thinking about doing so, please make sure you know exactly what you are getting into as I had to learn it that hard way and the site had to suffer because of it. It’s important to reflect upon everything so that lessons can be learnt. Only through failure can one learn and progress for success does not teach you anything new. It only shows that what you are doing is correct so despite having experienced many failures over these past two years, I feel Sleeping Geeks has become a lot closer and stronger as a team.


Financial Issues

Last year I started working a lot harder as there were financial constraints on my life that have carried over to this year but hopefully that should all level out soon and things will become a lot easier to manage. During the summer I was working between 50-60 hours a week and as such I had very little time left to dedicate to the blog and the rest of the team had also just recently moved into their new jobs and could not contribute much to the blog either.

Now that everyone has settled in or is in the process of doing so, most of are getting better at managing an adult lifestyle and as such, we should be able to dedicate more time to Sleeping Geeks and make it the amazing source of anime and geek content for our readers.

money and power

Addiction to League

League of Legends is an online game that can easily get addictive if you are not careful and for the past couple of years I have grown to become addicted to the game. I have finally got over it now but that may be because the season has ended but hopefully I will stay away from playing SOLO QUE from now on.

Tai, Bronze and Lime have been playing with me for a while and now we’ve got Loki and Supernova join the team as well. With the 6 of us, we might start playing Team Ranked, which should be loads of fun as long as it doesn’t start taking priority over Sleeping Geeks.

League of Legends Guide

All in all, last year wasn’t all too bad as the team has grown closer and we’ve even recruited a few more people in the form of Stinnettison and Quintessence. The interns Auzora and DefiantGlow have also been promoted to full time members. 2016 shall be the year for Sleeping Geeks, I have a strong feeling about it and my feelings can be very strong at times.