The Taijutsu Master is also a new years baby. I know its is quite hard to imagine Might Guy as a baby, but trust me at one point he was and he probably worked twice as hard as all the other babies in being born on the 1st of January.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like Guy much at first considering I saw him as a rival to Kakashi but soon I realised the rivalry was friendly and later I started liking him more than Kakashi.

From his intense eyebrows to his bowler cut hair, this guy is a beast. His intensity for training is incomparable and he is will be a huge inspiration to me when I finally decide to start working out.

Happy Birthday Might Guy

Might Guy 8 Gates

In all honesty, I would pick this guy as my sensei over Kakashi. No disrespect to Kakashi who is a great teacher in his own way but this guy would inspire me and if there was someone who won my respect in Naruto, it was this guy without a doubt.

The love he has for these three is great and he has the perfect student in Rock Lee and he truly deserves it.


Might Guy Profile


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