Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Review

I have to begin with the fact that not a single episode of Sherlock has let me down. I have scrutinised each episode and they have not failed to impress. The New Years special was certainly no exception. Having seen the trailer I had my doubts about how and why they had taken such an approach to the show but this has turned out to become perhaps my favourite episode.

sherlock afoot

One of my favourite moments in this episode was when he wakes up in the jet for the first time and we realise that he was in his mind palace the whole time. And after a few moments he wakes up back in the 1800’s. These two moments made me think of Dorothy, when she wakes up from her dream and starts saying, ‘you were there and you were.’ It adds a hint of innocence to his character.

The alternate version of Mycroft certainly was interesting. Such an indulgent and guilt free way of living.. I envy him. As was Miss Molly Hooper and the other ladies, with no regards to the time period in which they reside they stand firm as strong and independent women who will bring about change.

Sherlock violin

One of my most favourite quotes now comes from this episode, in the moment where Sherlock and John discuss The Bride, Sherlock says:

“There are no ghosts in this world, save for those we make ourselves”

These words alone send a chill down my spine. They hold the power to mean something to everyone.

All in all quite a masterpiece of an episode. It certainly left me questioning and exploring the science behind it. It has perhaps become my favourite so far because I love with the way it shifts from one reality to the other. Who can say which is the reality and which is the dream. What if the Sherlock in London is his real mind palace. There will be a moment in all our lives where you will question whether.. that when you are awake, if you are actually sleeping. And wonder which side is the reality or what if neither of them are real.