The Sherlock Christmas Special, the abominable bride, was a delight to watch and I have gathered together the top 5 quotes from the episode and what messages they left the viewers with.

Sherlock – The Abominable Bride Top 5 Quotes

Sherlock ghosts

This quote was very intriguing as at first I just thought it was related to the episode with Sherlock telling John Watson that there is no ghost and  to keep his head on his shoulders during the case. Obviously we know that failed. However, it was also an interesting quote in general as it is very true.

As humans we tend to create problems for ourselves when they don’t even exist. There are no ghosts in this world, except those that we create for ourselves, through psychologically manipulating ourselves into believing.

That’s when it hit me. Moriarty is the ghost Sherlock has made for himself. This indicates that Moriarty is indeed dead and only alive in Sherlock’s own head.

Moriarty Sherlock People Dust

People are ‘dust’… that is the quote Moriarty is using here in essence. Their living or dying doesn’t mean a thing to him as humans all eventually become dusts and for him it is just a matter of ‘distribution’.

This also makes me think of Chess and the distribution of pieces across a board. He likes to play a beautiful game and this is portrayed by the words Moriarty uses.

Let’s not forget though, this is but the portrayal of Sherlock’s nemesis in his own head. This is what Sherlock believes Moriarty feels about people.

Sherlock Army Doctor Watson

I loved this quote as it showed the spunk John has and he’s one of the only people who can shut Holmes up and put him in his place.

Sherlock doesn’t like to place emphasis on John’s abilities however due to having read his blog prior to his flight, he has been seeing things from John’s point of view.

John see’s himself as more important, hence why John was much smarter and sharper in parts of this episode than we’ve ever seen him before.

Sherlock Waterfall

Sherlock dived deep into his mind palace in this episode. So deep in fact that it became a story in its own right. It is fascinating to be able to be a part of that.

Mycroft is aware of how deep Sherlock has got himself into things in regards to Moriarty and subconciously Sherlock knows this is the furthest in his mind palace that he has ever been hence why the deepness is mentioned at multiple points in this episode.

Then there was the whole waterfall foreshadowing with the painting and Sherlock’s own imagination adding to it. Although I must admit, I didn’t think it would be used as the final confrontation between Moriarty and Sherlock in the episode.

Sherlock Moriarty Dead Sexy

This is my favourite quote as it was just so Moriarty. Anything that is the new sexy means its become a trend. Being dead is the new trend now apparently. Sherlock did it first by coming back from the dead and Moriarty seems to be doing the same thing.

Is it a trend though or is it the truth? Is Moriarty actually alive or is he truly dead? Only time will tell.