Well hello again everybody. This year tons of new groups debuted and I must say that they have all been incredible. I’d say 2015 has been a great year for k-pop and so would like to share my opinion on the top debuts we’ve had so far this year. I hope you enjoy.

10. Awesome Baby

Awesome baby debuted this year with their song. Why Should I? This song is basically about these girls saying “don’t tell me what to do”. This song is awesome. I am absolutely in love with it. May I add that they also have such a talented beat boxer. I mean how cool is that? It’s also quite under-rated which is quite sad. Anyway please listen to it below. You won’t regret it; trust me.

9. M.A.P 6

This talented group debuted with the song “storm”. I’d say this song is quite difference as it also has classical music playing in the back which makes me love it even more as it goes so well together. I also think that it’d would make a great OST to a drama.


8. The Ark

the song this girl group debuted with was “The Light”. Gosh, this was one of the saddest music videos of all time, just thinking about it is making me cry. Please watch it and TRY NOT TO CRY.

7. Monsta X

Monsta x is the new boy group that debuted under STARSHIP ent. Their song “TRESSPASS” is actually quite catchy and a really good song to debut with.

6. CLC

Their song “pepe” went exceptionally well in the k-pop world. I absolutely loved the choreography and the music.

5. DAY6

The new JYP boy group to debut this year. I have been waiting for this band to debut for a really long time now which means i had high expectations. Of course I wasn’t disappointed with their song “Congratulations” I can not wait for a new album.

4. Twice

We all know how well this group did this year as they won “best girl group debut” at the MAMA awards. No more explanation needed.

3. Seventeen

Seventeen stole every ones hearts this year with their song “Adore You” which was absolutely cute.


The new group of FNC that debuted with the song “Awesome” and let me tell you that it was definitely awesome.


Well of course TEAM B, (you know if you know) the group I have waited for, for a very long time have finally debuted and have definitely SLAYED in the k-pop world.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.please let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you once again.