January 3

Kick it

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

Kick It!

I don’t have a bucket list that I know of per se but I did make a list goals that I would like to achieve in my lifetime.. I guess that could be classed as a bucket list.

You may laugh or not at this but the 11th goal on my updated list of goals is.. Become an astronaut!

I know I know.. so cliché but I never dreamt of being an astronaut as a child, I was always going to be a Doctor. The first step towards this path was when I was away on holiday in summer at the age of perhaps 15 in a remote area of the world where there was no light pollution whatsoever. And every night I would sleep under the stars. My first night that I couldn’t sleep.. I fell in love. I could see the entire milky way above me and I felt like I was falling. Those moments for me are the the most exhilarating of my life and I always seek them.

It wasn’t until college when I started applying for universities that I decided I wanted to pursue physics further and four years later I left with a Masters in Physics. So when I say I want to be an astronaut I mean it with all my heart, I will continue to pursue this with everything that I have and not stop until all doors are closed on me and perhaps not even then..