Today is the birthday of Eustass Kid. Captain Kid is the One Piece Captain who had the highest bounty amongst the 11 Supernova’s who are known as the worst generation alongside Blackbeard. He is known to be the most notorious and is capable of producing mass chaos thanks to his devil fruit ability that allows him to control metal much like Magneto from the X-Men.

He has plans to take down one of the Yonkou by making an alliance with Scratchman Apoo and Hawkins of the Supernova’s.

Kid is most famous in the One Piece anime for fighting alongside Luffy and Trafalgar Law against Kizaru and his forces as they came to resolve the matter of Luffy punching the World Nobles.

He has shown his strength of will after he remained unfazed following Silver Rayleigh’s display of Haki.

Captain Kidd is definitely someone who will be a rival to Luffy at a later stage. It is difficult to say whether or not he and Luffy will face off on day in the anime but for me, it is very likely to happen. His number two is also one of the Rookie 11 and I believe he will be the one to take on Zoro at some point along the anime.

Today is Captain Kid’s birthday so let’s give him the honours.


Eustass Kid PirateQueenDCredit to PirateQueenD for the image


Kid is named after a real life pirate, William Kidd, who was also nicknamed “Captain”. His surname is taken from Eustace the Monk, another real life pirate.

He lost his left arm at some point during the time-skip and suffered scars down the left side of his face. Along with his red-hair, these traits are all similar to Red-Hair Shanks, although the two are nothing alike in terms of personality.

Kid uses a prosthetic arm made out of metal to replace the arm that he has lost. We are unaware how his arm was lost or his scars were created.

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