January 10th

32 Flavours

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?


I would say I’m a man of many different flavours. I do have some I am fond of and that remind me of pleasant memories but I wouldn’t say I am a one flavour kind of guy. Different flavours are reserved for different moods and there are those random times where I get a craving for Banana.

However, if there was ever a safe bet, it would have to be Strawberry. I can always count on Strawberry whenever I am unsure. Vanilla is a more of a neutral one that I trust but I don’t feel it’s me because it is very simple and doesn’t express my individuality.

You could say I am a combination kind of guy. Chocolate sits really well with me. You could say Chocolate is that best friend who I never have a problem with. I can’t spend the whole day with it but we can hang out every day and I won’t have a problem. In fact Chocolate is the one I will turn to in my time of need so the best friend classification goes quite well.

So if Chocolate is my best friend, Strawberry is my childhood sweetheart.